My-Wishbone Spinner Pendant, Perfect for Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day


(video attached of the WISHBONE SPINNER PENDANT spinning – secret symbol comes to life and forms a heart when spun)

Emma and Joanna are sisters and grew up in South West London.

Emma has worked in PR, Events and celebrity endorsement since 2001 after graduating with a degree in Fashion Design. Historically she has worked with some influential names and is inspired by those who wish to use their platforms to create a wonderful opportunity to help those less fortunate. Emma decided to change career direction, she felt a need to tap more deeply into her creative roots and make a humanitarian difference. Emma’s goal is to design jewellery which is stylish and for a percentage to go to charity. So this is where My-Wishbone, the dream of making a difference on a creative platform began to take shape.

Joanna graduated in Business, Marketing and Economics in 2004, and ran the marketing department of an architectural firm in London before heading up her own wellbeing company. Joanna could see Emma’s vision, call it sibling intuition, and this is where the sisterly partnership commenced. Joanna’s marketing skills and experience joined with Emma’s creativity and celebrity contacts make a strong partnership.

The Spinner Wishbone Pendant is My-Wishbone’s first design introduction. The pendant hangs very nicely on the smart 9k plated 24 inch chain. It’s great worn on its own or with another piece and layered; it is very versatile. There is a unique My-Wishbone disc by the fastening. This pendant holds a secret message (a heart symbol forms when spun, so perfect for Valentines) which comes to life when spun. The top part of the pendant is in the shape of a Wishbone, so when the disc is rotated it is manifesting ‘wishing for love, joy or hope, or all three, and why not! It also hangs by the heart chakra too. This design comes in three glorious metals: rose-gold, gold and silver and all 9k plated. A percentage of the profits will be going to charity, so how great to be stylish and charitable all at once! Please feel free to drop us a line via Facebook or Instagram.
This is an exciting new chapter for the Riley sisters. It has by no means been a quick process and there have been numerous ups and downs. The sisters come from a family of entrepreneurs so it is no surprise that they have kept persevering. They are thrilled that My-Wishbone is now being launched, proving that risks are worth taking in life! My-Wishbone’s motto is that ‘anything and everything is possible, dream, believe, achieve, make a wish and it happens.’ It has been agreed that a percentage (10%) of the profits will be going to charities which aim to improve the lives of young people and inspire them to be the best they can be. This complement’s My-Wishbone’s mind-set. This mini collection is the first of many, there are dozens waiting in the wings and new styles will be introduced monthly. In the meantime, enjoy and stay tuned…

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