Why Donald Trump and Brexit Could Be A Perfect Match for Singles

Why Donald Trump and Brexit Could Be A Perfect Match for Singles
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Matchmaking Expert Mairead Molloy

Matchmaking Expert Mairead Molloy

The political turmoil in Europe and the US has had a surprising impact on the world of elite dating.

The boss of an international matchmaking service – which has offices in London and serves clients throughout Europe and the United States – says that enquiries are up 55 per cent year-on-year.

Psychologist, and Global Director for Berkeley InternationalMairead Molloy said, “For the first time in the history of the business, clients are telling us that they are genuinely fearful for the future. Life’s a bit more palatable with a partner, so we’re getting strong interest from long-term single men and women who are now saying, ‘I’ve had enough of being on my own. I’d love to have a partner to help support me during this difficult time’.”

In addition, those working internationally are taking advantage of their mobility and choosing to leave the UK in the wake of the pro-Brexit referendum result.

“Since late June, we’ve had an increase of people, typically aged 30-55, express their desire to pair up with a partner abroad. Brexit means exit for many unattached men and women looking for a better future.”

Donald Trump’s shock victory has opened the floodgates for Americans looking to new horizons for a partner. “Enquiries from Silicon Valley are up 66 per cent year on year and likewise those on the East Coast are looking for an escape from the political rhetoric.”

Living in Cannes, bilingual Mairead Molloy is all too familiar with French politics. “There is no doubt that we live in times of political upheaval and this results in people being fearful for the future. If you are single and self-sufficient, this tension can be enough to encourage you to find a partner, so that you can share your concerns and help navigate a happier future. Perhaps now more than ever, it is just too much to return home after a busy day’s work and have no one to speak to with whom you can share your thoughts.

“Following Britain’s vote for Brexit and Donald Trump’s election victory, there’s much talk of the ‘far right’ option in France and a potential ‘Frexit’. We’re already speaking to clients wanting to leave France and find a partner in a less hostile location.

“Our Italian office in Milan has experienced a surge on enquiries this week following the resignation of the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who was swept from power after calling a referendum on constitutional reforms.”

December, January and February are traditionally the busiest months of the year for matchmaking agencies as people typically feel the pressure to be partnered for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Mairead Molloy concludes, “Perhaps the irony of the current situation is that there’s a great deal of international travelling going on with those who are independent and in control of their destiny, while the world seems to be rejecting ‘Globalism’. Highly ambitious types don’t let a nation’s borders get in the way of their future happiness.”

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