North West Hampshire Business Set to Make Personal Injury Claims Scientific

North West Hampshire Business Set to Make Personal Injury Claims Scientific
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Kit Malthouse MP with Phillip Kizun

Kit Malthouse MP with Phillip Kizun

CEO of Aldermaston-based Beacon Independent Medical Examiners Phillip Kizun met today with Kit Malthouse, MP for North West Hampshire, to discuss how personal injury claims are reported in the UK and the need to tackle rising insurance premiums.

Beacon Independent Medical Examiners (Beacon IME) is determined to drive down the cost of expensive insurance premiums and bring savings to people across Britain. The business is using the latest in medical science to provide an innovative and modern service giving insurers the ability to ensure genuine injuries are correctly compensated while cutting out fraud and exaggeration.

Phillip Kizun explains, “Motor and medical insurance policy premiums continue to spiral. Insurers tell the public they need to pass on the costs of exaggeration and fraud. Whiplash and other hard-to-diagnose injuries are the supposed culprits. Insurance companies promised during the last government that the reforms they pressed for would pay dividends and bring them savings to pass on to consumers. The reforms happened but the savings never materialised.

“Now insurers are pressing for further reforms, suggesting that legislation that does away with cash compensation for soft tissue injuries will bring savings. Is compensation the real issue? No. The solution is objective, science-based medical evidence.

“The time taken in gathering information and coming to a concluding opinion is costing insurers and their clients valuable time and money. This causes insurance premiums to raise for the insurance buying public. The best practise would be for claims to be evaluated and settled on scientific facts. This way claims could be more accurately settled and fraud and exaggeration weeded out, even in cases where things appear complicated.

“It’s time someone finally came clean with the public and our elected officials. If we want to get the cost of insurance lowered and made more affordable we need to get medical reporting fixed.”

Mr Malthouse, who is also a qualified chartered account, commented, “Phillip Kizun and the team atBeacon IME should be congratulated on their insightful and ethical business proposition.

“The methodology used by Beacon IME has proved successful in places such as Australia, Canada and the United States. I would recommend taking a close look at their approach which may provide a fairer deal to everyone.”

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