Piot Foundation Takes New Residency in London’s Migrant Business Hub

Piot Foundation Takes New Residency in London’s Migrant Business Hub
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Rafael dos Santos with Victorine Piot

Rafael dos Santos with Victorine Piot

Piot Foundation will be the first organisation to operate from the mi-HUB co-working space located in Whitechapel, London. The new business hub is dedicated to helping migrant entrepreneurs and is the first of its kind in the capital.

The independent not-for-profit organisation run by Victorine Piot is campaigning globally to improve the livelihoods of skilled migrant workers and their families by providing them with the knowledge they need when relocating to a new country. The foundation also provides development training and support initiatives to individuals and families to help them integrate successfully into new communities and realise their full potential and life goals.

Piot Foundation also provides a support service using experienced counsellors and well-trained volunteers to give guidance to members who are in distress or at a time of uncertainty in their lives. They assist in issues ranging from those facing a life crisis, dealing with a painful past and adjusting to changed circumstances to seeking out new directions.

Founder of mi-HUB Rafael dos Santos said, “We are so excited to welcome Piot Foundation to the ‘Home of Migrant Entrepreneurs’ and as the first members of the mi-HUB family.

“Piot Foundation is providing an incredible and much needed service, and we are proud to be part of their growth and look forward to supporting Victorine and the team on their journey.

“My vision is to help one million migrant entrepreneurs in the next 10 years. We are looking forward to welcoming many more businesses to mi-HUB and growing our global family.”

Situated in Batty Street near Aldgate East Underground Station, mi-HUB is the first co-working space which supports migrant entrepreneurs in starting, growing and managing a business. The hub provides the necessary tools and training to successfully run a company and offers an exciting Migrant Business Accelerator programme ( to give entrepreneurs the best possible start.

The recently opened office can host 150 entrepreneurs from around the world and boasts excellent facilities such as a modern kitchen, shower room, break out area, a large balcony and meeting rooms.

mi-HUB is dedicated to helping grow corporate networks for entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds at an affordable price. Recently they have hosted multiple successful events across London, with the most recent at their new offices. Their latest event saw over 900 people at the co-working space celebrating a mixture of culture, business and innovation from industries from around the world.

mi-HUB offers four different options to businesses, starting from as little as £19:

– £19 per month, small businesses can make use of a virtual address

– £99 per month, hot desking and use of facilities

– £348 per month, permanent desk with flexible terms (up to 10)

– £499 per month, private office

The fully furnished co-working space is now open to businesses and entrepreneurs and can be found at 6 Batty Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1RH.


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