Croydon Mum brings hip hop preacher Eric Thomas to UK

Croydon Mum brings hip hop preacher Eric Thomas to UK
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Dr Ava Eagle Brown

Dr Ava Eagle Brown

An ambitious 40-year-old mother of two from Croydon, London, who turned her life round following a harrowing childhood in Jamaica, has invited the tough-talking, critically acclaimed US-based ‘hip hop preacher’ Dr Eric Thomas to the UK to speak at a one-off event in London on Saturday September 24.

Dr Ava Eagle Brown, an accomplished author, speaker and coach said, “Perhaps because like Eric, there was no biological father figure in my life, and because I too have turned my life around, I identify with him strongly. He’s phenomenally motivating and helped me change my outlook for the better. I defy anyone to hear him talk and not be immediately uplifted by his amazing vision and ultra-high energy.”

Born to a teenage mum in Chicago, Illinois, Eric dropped out of school at 16 and found himself homeless, living in deserted buildings and eating from dustbins. Thanks to a chance meeting with a pastor, he reversed his fortune. He now coaches America’s top sporting teams, for leagues including the NBA and the NFL and is a world-renowned speaker, author, educator and minister.

Crucially, he pulls no punches in his highly energised speeches. He accepts no excuses and believes that success is down to taking responsibility for oneself and not blaming others. He says, “Winners win and losers lose. It’s as simple as that.”

Speaking in advance of the event from his office in Detroit, Michigan, Eric Thomas said, “I promise you, if you come to this event, you will re-write your history and make the rest of your life the best of your life.”

Eric Thomas focuses on the importance of mind-set and says, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you’ll be successful.”

Dr Ava Eagle Brown said, “Together with my business partner, Sonia Polean, we are hosting a one-day event in London that appeals to hardworking parents and their teenage children alike. It took Eric 12 years to gain a PHD, so he is well qualified to teach young people the importance of a good education. The Multi-Millionaire Masterclass will also appeal to entrepreneurs wanting to improve on their achievements.

“Dr Thomas will reveal his secrets to financial and psychological success, including how to avoid a dead-end job, how to create a “winning” mindset and how to make six figures. He is astonishing and attendees’ horizons will be expanded as soon as they listen to his hard-hitting truths.”

Eric Thomas has become a YouTube sensation, appealing to a broad range of people with his broadcasts achieving in excess of 50 million views.

Multi-Millionaire Masterclass with Dr Eric Thomas at Urban Life 2016

September 24 2016

Ruach City Church, 197-199 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7HY

From 9.30 AM. Tickets start at £35 and go up to £497 for VIP tickets.

Tour information and tickets:
Dr Ava Eagle Brown website:
Sonia Poleon on Twitter:

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