Furniture and Fixtures from Athlete Apartments at 2016 Olympic Games up for Auction

Furniture and Fixtures from Athlete Apartments at 2016 Olympic Games up for Auction
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A uniq opportunity for business buyers

A uniq opportunity for business buyers

Online Marketplace to Sell Bulk Quantities of Bedroom and Venue Furniture and Other Items from the Olympic Villages and Venues

Buy a piece of Rio 2016! Furniture and fixtures to be used by athletes residing at the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Village are going up for online auction before the Games have even begun. Olympic Sponsor RGS Events, the Official FF&E Project Manager of the Games, is selling bulk quantities of furniture, fixtures and equipment from athlete apartments and sporting venues including: 20,000 beds, 10,000 wardrobes, 42,000 tables and 135,000 chairs. Everything will be available via the marketplace, B-Stock Events, operated by B-Stock Solutions. Bidding for the first round of items, which will be sold in 40-foot containers, is currently open with additional auctions being added throughout the summer. For more information visit: The items will be available for delivery following the Paralympics closing ceremony in September.

“This is a unique opportunity for business buyers around the globe to purchase items used by some of the world’s top athletes. Wholesalers, resellers or organizations in need of bulk quantities of furniture and fixtures are all encouraged to bid on these pieces of Olympic history,” said Paul Ramler at RGS. “RGS is a proud to continue our tradition of supplying furniture, fittings and equipment for the Olympics and Paralympics as well as providing sustainable outcomes for the items.

As part of its sponsorship for the Rio Games, RGS Events was responsible for designing, prototyping, managing quality control, procuring, shipping, and project managing the warehousing, assembly, delivery, installation, maintenance, retrieval and disposal of items in the 18,000 athlete apartments and Games venues.

All the furniture is commercial quality and has only been used for a limited time in Rio. RGS source a wide range of products to fulfill the requirements of a major event such as an Olympic Games. Products include everything from Safes to Megaphones, Massage Tables to metal Road Barriers and much, much more.

As part of its end-to-end solution RGS partnered with technology-enabled service provider B-Stock Solutions to build and customize the B2B marketplace where the items are being sold. B-Stock’s solution will give RGS access to a dedicated team of marketplace management experts, who will oversee all aspects of the process, including: inventory uploads, auction strategy, logistics, and tier one customer support.

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