Festival of Ideas Welcomes Inventor Dr John C Taylor OBE

Festival of Ideas Welcomes Inventor Dr John C Taylor OBE
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  Dr John C Taylor OBE

Dr John C Taylor OBE

Celebrated British inventor Dr John C Taylor OBE is to be the guest speaker at a lecture taking place at Fairfax House, as part of the York Festival of Ideas 2016 this summer.

The lecture, titled Keeping Time in the Georgian House, is taking place on Wednesday June 15th 2016, at Fairfax House, Castlegate, York, YO1 9RN and begins at 7.00PM.

The theme for the Festival of Ideas 2016 is ‘Tick Tock’, and as one of the world’s most renowned inventors and foremost horologists, Dr Taylor will be exploring the revolutionary advances in timekeeping that elapsed throughout the Georgian Age.

Looking specifically within the historic Fairfax House, Dr John C Taylor will further discuss and suggest what clocks the Fairfax family may have owned or were acquired by the Ninth Viscount, Charles Gregory Fairfax.

Speaking ahead of the lecture, Dr Taylor said “I am delighted to be lecturing at the York Festival of Ideas. The Georgian era was an interesting and poignant period for clock making and I am intrigued to visit the historic townhouse to speak about how clocks and timekeeping were incorporated into the life of those who lived at Fairfax.”

Dr John C Taylor is perhaps best known for creating the bimetal thermostat controls inside electric kettles and other small household appliances. With over 400 patents to his name, he is regarded as one of the world’s most prolific inventors as well as being a leading expert on the work of John Harrison, the inventor of bimetal and an early horological pioneer who is best known for his marine chronometer, the first clock accurate enough to be used for navigation at sea.

His interest and admiration of clocks led Dr Taylor to also design and build the Corpus Chronophage, a unique device for measuring time which is displayed on an exterior wall of his alma mater: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. It was unveiled by the world-renowned physics professor Stephen Hawking in 2008. Dr Taylor has since created two other Chronophage clocks – the Midsummer Chronophage and the Dragon Chronophage.

Dr Taylor is no stranger to Fairfax House, having loaned his wooden Harrison precision longcase clock to the ‘Keeping Time’ exhibition in 2013.

Tickets for the event are available from Fairfax House Shop or by calling 01904 655 543.

Dr Taylor’s website:
Fairfax House:
York Festival of Ideas:
Keeping Time in the Georgian House:…


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