Nordens of Essex voted Accountancy Firm of the Year

Nordens of Essex voted Accountancy Firm of the Year
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Nordens winning awarrd

Nordens winning awarrd

Nordens Accountants and Strategic Business Advisers are thrilled to announce their success at the ICAEW Essex Accountancy and Business Awards 2016!

The firm, based in Woodford on the East London/Essex border, were voted Accountancy Firm of the Year. This was the most prestigious industry award given at the glamorous venue of Stock Brook Manor in Essex. They also received a high commendation for their staff training scheme, which has seen three members of the team rise from junior positions to Partners in a few short years.

The judges liked the way the firm’s strategic business planning strategies enable clients to move their businesses forward in a more effective, profitable way while maintaining a good work/life balance. They were also impressed with their initiatives, such as helping overseas clients to bring their businesses to the UK through the Nordens Global division. They loved the complimentary things clients say in testimonials, and the way they ensure every member of our team has the opportunity to progress to the next level with full support and training.

Mitch Hahn, Partner, said, “I am so proud of everyone here at Nordens, what an achievement. We’ve come such a long way in a short space of time and it’s nice to have the recognition for it. We will continue to develop our services, including our global department, and invest in our staff so we can give our clients the best and unique service that they deserve.”

With a shelf that’s now straining with the weight of trophies, the team are talking about buying a new display cabinet for their awards (You can see a selection of our awards here; the new ones aren’t included on the website yet.)

To find out more about how Nordens helps businesses to thrive in a tough economy, or for a no-obligation chat to move your business forward ensuring you can earn more, pay less and work to live rather than live to work, call Mitch Hahn on 020 8530 0720.

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