Brockton exhibitions. Voices of the Indie Craft Community at Fuller Craft Museum

Brockton exhibitions. Voices of the Indie Craft Community at Fuller Craft Museum
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Brockton exhibitions. On May 7, Fuller Craft Museum will celebrate CounterCraft: Voices of the Indie Craft Community in its D. Tarlow gallery.  This revolutionary exhibition will showcase the boundless imagination of makers in the DIY culture and the progressive principles upon which it has developed.  Exhibiting artists include Elaine Bay, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Tracy Bull, Liz Collins, Betsy Greer, Heidi Kenney, Xander Marro, New Craft Artists in Action, Erin Riley, and Caitlin Rose Sweet.  The exhibition is curated by Faythe Levine, artist, photographer, filmmaker, and curator.

Tracy Bull, A Collection of Feathers, 2016. Glass, wood frame, 25″ x 15″ x 1.5″

Tracy Bull, A Collection of Feathers, 2016. Glass, wood frame, 25″ x 15″ x 1.5″

The “indie craft” movement encourages makers to express their unique viewpoint on the world through objects created with elevated technical skill, and new or established techniques.  Other tenets of the genre include social consciousness and activism, DIY methodologies, upcycled materials, and the merger of traditional practices with renegade messaging.

The May 7 panel discussion will explore the development of the indie craft movement along with current trends and future directions.  Discussions may also include the notion of “craftivism” and how the focus on social change through craft-based media has inspired their practice, the DIY movement, and the community at large.

About the Curator:

Faythe Levine is based in Middle Tennessee where she is immersed within rural queer community and works as a multi-media  artist, independent researcher, freelance curator, author, and collector. Over time her portfolio has developed ongoing themes of community, creativity, awareness, process, empowerment, and documentation. Levine’s two most widely known projects, Sign Painters (2013) and Handmade Nation (2009), are both feature-length documentaries with accompanying books that have toured extensively in formal and renegade outlets. All of her work aims to communicate honesty, authenticity, and quality of life.

About the Panelists/Artists:

Betsy Greer is a writer and maker in Durham, North Carolina. She’s been popularizing the craftivism movement, the place where craft and activism intersect, since 2003 and loves seeing the ways in which people use their creativity to change the world for the better. Her current project, “You Are So Very Beautiful,” collects handmade signs from all over the world and leaves them behind for people to find in an effort to utilize craft’s benefits for both maker and recipient.

Elaine Bay is a multimedia artist who works closely with current events to reflect tomorrow and today. Currently living in the Boston area, Bay’s collaborative efforts include different disciplines, such as music, art, science, and technology from all over the globe. Bay pulls content from historical and current source materials, including the Internet, to weave together the complexities of the world.  Her interdisciplinary and collaborative practices include video, installations, dynamic websites, animated gifs, photography, music, performance, zines, wallpaper, Riso, and screen-printing to create awareness.

For eight years, Deb Dormody was a co-owner at Craftland, Providence’s multi-functional shop housing a teaching studio and artists’ gallery to showcase fine art and craft from local and national independent artists. Additionally, Deb founded If’n Books and Marks in 2000.  She currently sells and exhibits her handmade blank journals and photo albums in boutiques and galleries around the country. She is the Director of Operations and Programs for the Alliance of Artists Communities, an international association of artist residency centers representing more than 400 organizations worldwide.

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