Vikings season 4. Ragnar or Rollo? Who will survive?

Vikings season 4. Ragnar or Rollo? Who will survive?
Isabel del Rio

Vikings season 4 will consist of 20 episodes, and these episodes will be split up into two mini-seasons over the course of 2016. Thus, fans couldn’t see what happens between Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and his problematic brother Rollo (Clive Standen) until later in the year.

Vikings season 4. Ragnar and Rollo

Vikings season 4. Ragnar and Rollo

Rollo is handsome and brave but betrayal is something that comes naturally to him. In previous seasons of Vikings, Rollo has betrayed his brother Ragnar, his religion and his friends. What will he do now? Will he defend Paris against Ragnar or he will join his brother in the last minute? In episode 1 of Vikings season 4, we saw a cruel Rollo, who kills all the vikings left in Paris.

Ragnar is much more intelligent than Rollo, and he loves him. He could forgive Rollo or start a great fight, maybe the biggest fight we’ve ever had on our small screen. What do you think? What do you expect from Vikings season 4? Tell us your opinion now!

Rollo is based on a historical person, who eventually becomes the first ruler of Normandy.

Rollo’s tattoos. See video! Vikings season 4 rocks!

Legends say that Ragnar dies at the hands of King Aelle, because he was thrown into a pit of venomous snakes. Then, Ragnar’s sons formed the Great Heathen Army to attack England. But these facts couldn’t appear in Vikings season 4 and Ragnar could very well defeat his brother in battle… We must wait and see!

The fourth season of the Canadian-Irish historical drama television series Vikings premiered on February 18, 2016 on History in Canada and in the United States. The series is inspired by the tales of the raiding, trading, and exploring Norsemen of early medieval Scandinavia. Season 4 of Vikings is currently airing on the History Channel every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.

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Isabel del Rio

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