Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies’ Report

Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies’ Report
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Carol Smillie and Annabel Croft

Carol Smillie and Annabel Croft


Soaring obesity levels in England and Wales is the biggest threat to women’s health, and tackling it should be treated as a national priority, according to a recent women’s health report by England’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies.

Such is the scale of the probem, there were also 17 recommendations for improving female health, covering pregnant women, the menopause and female stress incontinence.

More than five million UK women suffer from varying levels of incontinence which can seriously affect the quality of their lives, according to the report. High street giant Boots have responded and are taking the lead in helping to tackle the issue by enlisting the help of two household names Annabel Croft and Carol Smillie.

Joining forces, the duo have created their own DiaryDoll brand of award winning, technical underwear, to save the blushes of so many women suffering with the embarrassing symptoms of stress urinary incontinence (SUI). DiaryDoll launch on January 6th 2016 in 122 Boots stores nationwide.

Carol comments, “We are pleased Dame Sally Davies report has highlighted some taboo issues including female stress incontinence – it’s a big step to getting more people talking about it. We think we have come up with a glamorous product in a very unglamorous sector – DiaryDolls offer protection and support when you need it most and we hope by joining forces with Boots we can help the misery of women nationwide.”

Originally created to help their daughters with the worry of heavy periods, TV presenter Carol Smillie and former British Number One tennis player Annabel Croft have been amazed by the number of women of all ages, buying them for weak pelvic floor issues. Customers describe them as ‘life-changing’ and love the fact that they look and feel like normal underwear.
SUI3, commonly known as ‘sensitive bladder’, or ‘pelvic floor weakness’ is believed to affect approximately nine million women in the UK and whilst ‘peeing yourself laughing’ might be an age old saying, the reality of wetting yourself when you sneeze, cough, laugh, exercise or even bounce on a trampoline is no laughing matter.
When Kate Winslet openly admitted “by third sneeze, it’s game over” on Graham Norton’s chat show, sales rocketed.

DiaryDoll’s secret weapon is a secret waterproof lining hidden between two layers, to give women extra back up and confidence when they need it, and avoid embarrassing leaks onto clothes whilst at work, out socialising, exercising or through the night.

Lightweight, soft, machine washable and created to look and feel just like your favourite pants, the range is designed to be worn together with tampons or pads, delivering increased protection and extra confidence,

Discreet and highly effective for stress incontinence but also post-maternity, during exercise and heavy periods, women across the country have been stocking up on the pants since the range launched online and through local pharmacies, in fact when they first went on QVC they sold almost 400 pairs in just eight minutes!. Thousands have been sold since, and the company is flat out making more to keep up with demand and to get ready for the launch into Boots in the New Year.

DiaryDoll pants (£14.95 per pair) are available in three colours – black, pink, grey and blue spot (only Black in Boots). The range launches into Boots on January 6th 2016.

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