The Latino Shorts Film Festival Of New York Celebrates Its 12 years With An Amazing Program

The Latino Shorts Film Festival Of New York Celebrates Its 12 years With An Amazing Program
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Corto Circuito, the Latino Shorts Film Festival of New York

Corto Circuito, the Latino Shorts Film Festival of New York

Corto Circuito, the Latino Shorts Film Festival of New York, celebrates its 12 years with an eclectic program that includes some of the most creative and award-winning short films from Latin America, Spain and Latinos based in the United States. Organized by King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center from the University of New York (NYU) and programmer Diana Vargas, Corto Circuito will take place from October 8th to 10th of 2015 in the Auditorium of King Juan Carlos Center. All foreign language films will be subtitled in English.

“Our main purpose over the years has been to present short films, in addition to surprise the viewer and the narrative techniques used, open spaces for dialogue where you can see the concerns, obsessions, opposite poles and platitudes that make” said Diana Vargas, director and co-founder of the festival.

Corto Circuito

Corto Circuito

Over 45 films integrate the three-day program in which are included the categories of short documentary and fiction; as well as animations and experimental films that challenge the preset labels in structure and format. They are films of up to 26 minutes in length from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and the USA.

“One more year, we present a new edition of Corto Circuito, a festival that has become essential in the city’s circuit. Corto Circuito has consolidated its place: it is one of the few festivals that focus on the short film format, which accommodates all kinds of genres and themes, and that gives voice to the whole area of influence of language and cultures in Spanish. For me it is always a privilege to be part of this adventure” said Laura Turegano, Associate Director of the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center from NYU and co-founder of the festival.

The festival opens on Thursday, October 8th, 7:00 pm, with shorts winners of multiple prizes at international festivals: Leidi (Simón Mesa, Colombia), Winner of the Palme D’Or at Cannes Film Festival; The Magnetic Being (Mateo Bendesky, Argentina), The Pickman’s Model (Pablo Ángeles, Mexico) Best Animation at the Guadalajara Film Festivals; Submarine (Rafael Aidar, Brazil), Special Jury Mention at Palm Springs Film Festival; The English Teacher (Alan Gonzalez, Cuba), Best Short Film at Muestra Jóvenes Realizadores, Cuba; You Will Fall Again (Alex Pachón, Spain), winner Best Dance Short in Fiver Festival, Gloria and the Rain (Andrea Rufini, Paraguay); Chatarra (Walter Tournier, Uruguay); 60 Candles (Leticia Jorge, Ana Guevara, Paraguay) official selection at Cartagena, Miami and Sao Paulo Film Festivals.

On Friday, October 9th, Documented and in Love includes documentaries from Ecuador (Kite in Orbit, Naya Ku); Peru (Chichita, Carlos Trioni); Guatemala (With the Same Blood, Elias Jimenez); Mexico (Young Man at the Bar Masturbating with Rage and Nerve, Julian Hernandez); and when love strikes can be found in works such as How Much a Polar Bear Weights? (Miguel Catalá, Spain); Five Seconds (David Gonzalez, Spain); Amanecer de una noche agitada (Agustin Varas, Argentina).

On Saturday, October 11th, the Festival begins at 2:45 pm with Shorts and Animated, Castillo y el Armado by Pedro Arres (Brazil); Sovereign Paperwork by Lala Severi (Uruguay); Toxic Tales by Denis Chapon (Bolivia); Don Miguel by Kote Camacho (Spain); Zepo by Cesar Mendez (Spain); The Beginning of the End by Bruno Peré (Brazil).

At 3:45pm, the program The Peculiar Side of Life includes shorts that were selected from the open call (with more than 290 submissions). This is the selection: Gravitiy by Daniela Sagone (Guatemala); New Life by Kiro Ruso (Bolivia-Argentina); The Wild Man by Martín Vallejos (Chile); The Broken Past by Sebastián Schjaer, Martin Morgenfeld (Argentina); Nothing Happens Here by Rafa Lara (Mexico)

Corto Circuito continues at 5:00 pm with Colombia Zoom In, a program of shorts produced in the last two years by Colombian filmmakers. These are films provide a broad and eclectic panorama of the production of one of the most prolific and complex film industries in the region. Thematic and visual proposals that confront and reflect the vision of a country that lives an extraordinary moment in their society. Nostalgia of the Future by Monica Mondragon, Rabbits for Sale by Esteban Giraldo; Monito by Carolina Vasquez; The Funnel by John Chaparro; Volver by Ivan Luna; En Busca de Aire by Mauricio Maldonado and Completo by Ivan Gaona.

The program will close at 7:00 pm, with the program Latinos in House, where Corto Circuito celebrates the work of Latinos in the United States. This year there will be: Sarah by Juan Forero; Our Quiet Night by Lisann Valentin; Work by Nelson Peña; Modern City by Melisa Ramos (Puerto Rico); I, The Worst of All by Francisco Lupini; Latiner by Ines Gowland. DJ Funkenstein will be hosting Corto Circuito Closing Night party.

Corto Circuito is produced by King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center of New York University in addition to the generous support of Empanadas Cafe, International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV); Icaro Festival in Central America, Casa Comal Arte and Cultura of Guatemala; Direccion de Cinematografia, Colombia; Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires; Havana Film Festival NY, ICAIC, Enrola TV; IMCINE Mexico, Click for Festivals, Kimuak Filmoteca Vasca, PromoFest, Latinos en Foco, Ivan Fajardo Events, Aguijón Films, Latinos en Foco and QueensLatino.com

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