Longmire season 5 is necessary. There’s a lot of stuff going on!

Longmire season 5 is necessary. There’s a lot of stuff going on!
Ignacio Zara
Longmire. Robert Taylor as Sheriff Walt

Longmire. Robert Taylor as Sheriff Walt

Although Netflix has not yet officially announced that Longmire season 5 was renewed, the fantastic fourth season ended unfinished, most of the storylines need a father explanation and others were just opened in the finale. So it’s more than possible that Netflix has a fifth season already planned out. Don’t you think so? Don’t you need to see Longmire season 5? Tell us your opinion now!

Longmire season 4 recently hit Netflix, with all 10 episodes released on the streaming network this September 10, 2015 (previous seasons were released on A&E). Netflix has revived other shows in the past. Then, it’s highly likely that it will keep Longmire going for some time. Why?

Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) is always full of surprises. Season 4 finishes with Henry arrested by Mathias (Zahn McClarnon), the police chief of the Indian reservation. Of course, a character of this magnitude cannot say goodbye this way. Fans need to know his future and the consequences of having played as Hector.

Longmire. Robert Taylor as Sheriff Walt and Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear

Longmire. Robert Taylor as Sheriff Walt and Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry Standing Bear

And how about Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and his new loving relation? He and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) have still common feelings and we need more time to understand this complicate love.

Another interesting storyline that fans had started to enjoy focus on the new deputy, Zach (Barry Sloane), a fascinating personality and we need to know more about him and his secret past.

And how about Cady (Cassidy Freeman)? What will she keep working as a volunteer at the Indian reservation or at the Casino? In the latter case, the confrontation with his father would be worthy of a new season. Don’t you think so?

Definitely, fans and followers (thousands and thousands) need Longmire season 5.

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  • Pamela Burrell

    Longmire needs another season and another and another! Seriously this is by far one of the BEST series I have seen in awhile, and I love Robert Taylor!

    • LongmireFan

      I totally agree, Season 4 was the best thus far. I too watched all 10 episodes in one day. I truly hope the Netflix and the powers to be release Season 5 soon.

  • anotherinterestedreader

    True – Longmire Season 5 ASAP

  • westie777

    Season 5 needs to be aired! It is one of the best shows on television! I wonder why Netfix is taking so long to make a decision to start Season 5!

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  • helmethead

    We tried to watch only one episode of Season 4 per week…that didn’t work. We ended up watching all 10 episodes over a three-day period! All it did was make us hunger for more! Certainly hope their will be a season 5.

  • Jeanne Weinberger

    S4 was amazing, but we NEED S5 ASAP

  • Jim Boles

    Never been a fan of “western” type shows. This is simply amazing – acting /story lines and character. All of them. I have come to enjoy Lou Diamond Phillips even. Cannot wait for Season 5!! and more

  • Karen Bruce

    Oh my gosh…yes, yes all over the place. We can not wait for a 5th Season…Netflix hope u r listening..Longmire Forever!! Hey u can even film a few more shows, & it would be awesome..K

  • kytrish56

    I love this show. We do need a Season 5 to address all the cliffhangers.

  • Roland Knott

    After leaving so many character story lines unanswered and starting a few new ones, Netflix owes it to its viewers to make a season 5, or at the least a pilot answering many of the questions left hanging. Longmire was an excellent series, no super heroes, just a lot of good story lines in an interesting setting. Netflix has rapidly increased it’s viewership, now hey should show they listen to their viewers.

  • kelly

    just make season five it was to good not to make ten more

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