Longmire On Netflix Tomorrow. They Want To Renew The Show For A Fifth Season!

Longmire On Netflix Tomorrow. They Want To Renew The Show For A Fifth Season!
Isabel del Rio
Longmire season 4

Longmire season 4

Longmire season 4 will premiere on the streaming company’s official website on 10 September, 2015. Then, we’ll meet Sheriff Walt (Robert Taylor), Vic (Katee Sackhoff), Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips), Cady (Cassidy Freeman) and Branch (Bailey Chase) tomorrow. Are you excited? For sure!

The entire season will be instantly available for fans and followers. Soon we can start talking about its good and bad points!

Longmire season 4

Longmire season 4

Anyway, Longmire season 4 is making a confident return. In fact, Netflix wants to renew the Western drama for a fifth season. What do you think? Would you like to see Longmire season 5? Tell us your opinion now!

Now, the plot will focus on Walter and Cady’s hunt for Martha’s killer. But romance will be present too.

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Netflix subscribers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can livestream and watch the series the coming weekend.

Cady is going to play an important role in this new season.

“It’s a very interesting season for Cassidy Freeman’s character. It’s so hard not to give stuff away. She’s branching off more. She has a lot of challenges and a lot of dilemmas. Opportunities arise in odd places for her, this season.” Robert Taylor.

What will happen with Branch? Remember that in season 3 finale, we saw Branch confronting his father Barlow regarding Martha’s murder. This confrontation will be another important storyline in season 4.

Take a look at some photos of Longmire season 4.

As of August 4, 2014, 33 episodes of Longmire have aired, concluding the third season. We hope its future will be very long.

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  • Karen Long

    Not just a 5th season lets keeping coming. Just ordered seasons 1-3 in case Netflix takes it off. Now ill have Walt all the time. Lets keep a great sherriff on the job where he belongs

  • Jim Ahrens

    Longmire is the best show on television, as good as gunsmoke.

  • Bonnie Colvert

    Season 5 #LongLiveLongmire for sure! Reason I picked up #Netflix. Have found other great shows too!

  • Cheryl Evans

    As long as you keep new Longmire’s going I will watch Netflix’s.

    • Sheila Rae Colley Gochnauer

      me too

  • JohnSmith

    I am just ecstatic that Netflix saved Longmire! Can’t wait to binge watch the new season. Try PureVPN if Netflix USA is not working in your region.

  • Horatio Hornblower

    save it great show I joined Netflix for Longmire

    • lyn

      Me too!

  • jscilla1 .

    Great series with a lot of story left to be told; I’m looking forward to a 5th

  • Richard L Greene

    OK -they left everything up in the air, so many questions and we need a 5th season to get some answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Oliver

    Yes please do. Longmire is a very good show. Netflix has done an excellent job. Thank you,

  • Kendra Williams

    LOVED season 4! Bring on season 5!

  • Peggy Seibert

    So much better on Netflix and I didn’t think that was possible. Just watched S4 E4. Half way through but trying to make the season last. Already hoping for S5. Thank you Netflix

  • Barbara Gothard

    I’m so excited Netflix picked up this show, I have a feeling they won’t be sorry at all, would Love to see season 5 and more

  • Diane Strackbein

    I love Longmire, so glad Netflix saved it. Would love a 5th season. I have watched 1/2 of season 4 trying to make them last awhile.

  • Collesn

    I’m watching Season 4 for the second time and I’m sure there will be several more times before SEASON 5!!!!!! Cannot wait! Thank You Netflix!!!!

  • Big_Gay_Al

    Fourth Season was great, I want to see a 5th, 6th, and at least a 7th season.

  • Melissa Lundstrom

    OMG yes yes yes. I want Longmire S5,6,7 I could keep going just keep filming I’ll keep watching. I’m sharing this . Love Netflix and Love me some Longmire.

  • Mina Jayne Moser Littrell

    I have watched Season 4 of Longmire and I am excited they are already talking about Season 5!!!!! I really look forward to Season 5!! Please don’t let the fans down!!

  • Verne Statts

    I don’t have cable so I didn’t see Longmire on A&E. I watch Longmire on Netflix. I like the fact that I can binge watch each season. Longmire alone is good enough reason for me to continue my Netflix subscription. Longmire is wide open for season 5. No spoilers here. Keep Longmire on Netflix! If I could stuff the ballot box I would.

  • Donna Price Smith

    We could not stop watching Season 4. It was great. Please renew for a 5th season…hopefully in the late Winter early Spring so we don’t have go wait so long…maybe even add on a couple of episodes. We are hooked all over again. Thank you.

  • Pamela Rice

    Netflix please renew Longmire Season 5! And more!! This is an amazing quality show! Thanks for saving it.

  • Scotty Lee Shuffield

    5th Season – Oh hell yeah…and 6th and 7th and as many as you wanna crank out! Best TV in years! Thanks NetFlix for your heroic rescue of quality TV!

  • Sheila Rae Colley Gochnauer

    watched season 4 & can’t wait for season 5. love this show

  • Cheryl Elkins


  • Emma Sawyer

    Longmire and Masterpiece Theater are my favorite shows, what does that say for Longmire?

  • Kim Lilledahl

    Loved season 4 can’t wait for more PLEASE!!

  • Gary Runyan

    just watched season 4 we loved it can not wait for more seasons big thumbs up netflix

  • Susan Cobb Beck

    I positively want Longmire to be renewed for season 5 – also, season 6, 7, 8, just keep them coming! Longmire is an Awesome series <3

  • Diane Wilks Tatum

    yes, bring it back for a 5th, 6th and 7th season!!

  • Bonnie Colvert

    Yes yes yes #LongLiveLongmire #Netflix #season5

  • Mary Lamb

    Longmire has been the best she since Gunsmoke I would to see this show last as long as possible I so glad it found a home with Netflix

  • Bill P. VanZanten

    I was very happy and couldn’t wait to see season 4!!! Now I am waiting for season 5!!! Please make it happen Netflix!!!!

  • Marta Reed

    Love this show and hope it last for several more seasons!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Schawn McLeod

    I hope there is more than just a season 5.

  • sierraree

    show lets go a little easy on the romance you can find that on every other show on the networks, I enjoy watching a show with my kids that you don’t have to cover their eyes every 15 minuets.

  • Karla Merrick

    Please do season 5. This is the best show out there. Keep up the good work Netflix. Season 4 is absolutely wonderful.

  • mikecarol

    Keep Producing Longmire! Already ready for Season 5 and beyond!!! #Longmire #bestshowever

  • Vicki Hall Eads

    I have watch season 4 and LOVED it! Now the long wait for season 5 but, it will be worth it. Longmire is the best show on TV. Please continue with Longmire!

  • Sandra Winkler Roe

    yes renew it!!! i just binge watched all episodes of season 4!

  • Wendy Fine

    I would love to binge – but then I’d have a longer wait for season 5 – so I’m watching one or two once a week. This the best show on television – oh – I’m sorry – it’s technically NOT on television – it’s on Netflix! I got Netflix specifically to watch Longmire. The writing is fantastic, the actors are absolutely awesome – each and every one of them is just so perfect for the character they play. Bring it on – Season 5 – Season 6 and just how high can we go??????

  • P Elena Sanchez


  • Guest30

    Yes, best show on TV! Season 5- infinity!!

  • Vicki Hall Eads

    Yes, to season 5 and hurry Please

  • Kay Nolte

    #LONGMIREONNETFLIX So happy for a wonderful family show!!!! Love the actors chosen to play the roles, they fit so well! Hoping for many more seasons to come!

  • patsyp

    We just finished season 4. It was great! Sure hope there is a season 5. We got Netflix just to watch Longmire!

  • Brenda Altman-Tarr

    I don’t derive much enjoyment from t.v. shows anymore, with some notable exceptions-“Longmire” is topping that list. My husband made me promise to only watch the show with him, and he’s decided to only watch one episode a week. We are only into S4 Ep 4, and already are chomping at the bit for more.

    So yes, we definitely want this show to continue. ..indefinitely.

  • anotherinterestedreader

    Looking forward to season 5 and beyond – Longmire is the best written story-line ever.

  • Mace Hard

    Great show, esp S4 !!!!

  • Greg Persons

    I Love That Show. I am looking Forward To season 5. I would also like Netflix To pick Up dallas Since T.N.T cancelled It.

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