Anderman Ceramics supply Fused quartz, the supreme labware material

Anderman Ceramics supply Fused quartz, the supreme labware material
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Fused quartz

Fused quartz

For laboratory applications which require superior properties such as chemical, thermal shock resistance, light transmission and other advanced performance characteristics, the optimum material is fused quartz. Anderman Ceramics are pleased to announce that they supply a range of high quality fused quartz products.
Quartz, as supplied by Anderman Ceramics, offers excellent mechanical, electrical, optical and thermal properties that provide outstanding performance for science and industry applications. An extensive range of fused-quartz lab products are available, including tubes, rods, joints, dishes, crucibles and cuvettes, plaques and dishes and also custom made products for a variety of purposes.

Supreme thermal properties

Quartz products, including labware, can be heated to 1200 C under minimal load conditions.
For example in the petrochemical industry, quartz containers can be safely used to heat products such as gasoline. If those containers were borosilicate and being set on top of a heater, they could break and be set on fire. Containers made of fused quartz, due to their high temperature properties and thermal shock properties will not break. We can also say that it saves times and money because they also last longer.

Exceptional purity

Fused quartz purity levels are unparalleled in the glassware industry, and much superior to borosilicate products.
The performance of fused-quartz products is related to the purity of the material. The purity of raw material and fusion practices must be therefore, carefully monitored and controlled.
Chemical purity and inertness of quartz are essential to most laboratory applications. If a laboratory container reacts with the reagent it holds, it will be problematic. Also, if a glass component leaks into the reagent it will affect the result of the tests. Therefore, the chemical purity is a major reason why users prefer containers made of fused quartz.
The optical purity of quartz is also important. The transmissibility or ability of a relatively broad range of light wavelengths to pass unrestrained through clear quartz labware is vital to various researches.

Mechanical toughness

Quartz is also very inert and, consequently highly chemical resistant.
Fused quartz labware is hardly attacked by any acid, except a fluorine based gas or solution. It withstands contact to numerous acids even at very high temperatures, for months or even years.
Quartz also makes an exceptional electrical insulator. Both, microwave transmission and electrical insulation properties are retained at very high temperatures and over a variety of frequencies.
Quartz has exceptional properties making it the ideal material for numerous industries. Its fundamental purity gives the material some key application properties:
Reactivity, heat resistance, transmission of UV and IR wavelengths
Due to these properties, quartz is used in large high end industrial procedures either as consumable parts for the final product or as a vital element to the product itself.
Anderman Ceramics offer a wide variety of Quartz products for industrial and laboratory applications. Our range has a wide variety of applications, from small laboratory tools to large wafer carriers or large diameter tube and by working closely with our customers we are also able to provide excellent tailor made solutions.

Anderman Ceramics Ltd

Established in 1947 and its experience in sourcing, stocking and selling technical ceramics worldwide has positioned Anderman Ceramics at the highest levels of product and service quality. We offer an extensive range of standard technical ceramics products, as well as, custom- design components.

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