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Poldark Season 2. What To Expect From Ross, Demelza and Elizabeth?

Poldark Season 2. What To Expect From Ross, Demelza and Elizabeth?
Ignacio Zara
Poldark Season 2. What To Expect From Ross, Demelza and Elizabeth?

Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark

Poldark season 1 finished just four months ago but it seems an eternity! We miss the shores of 18th century Cornwall. We want to meet Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) and Elizabeth (Heida Reed) again. And above all, we hope to see free Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner). What can we expect from Poldark season 2?

Poldark season 2 will be two episodes longer than season 1. It seems that filming would finish at the beginning of April 2016, so fans could expect to see it not long after that. Great! Thus, the shoot will last seven and a half months. A bit longer than last year.

Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark

Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark

If Poldark season 1 was mostly based on the first two books of Graham’s novels, Poldark season 2 will be taken from the third and some of the fourth editions in the 12-book series.

Then, Ross Poldark will be torn between his nice wife Demelza and his elegant ex-girlfriend Elizabeth again. Who do you prefer? I love Demelza and cannot understand Ross’ doubts.

Anyway and following the books, if Ross and Demelza lost their child Julia in season 1, we can expect that Demelza will give birth to a baby boy in the new season.

Also, we can expect to see Ross fighting for his life after being put on trial for leading the plunder of the Warleggans’ wrecked ship. It seems that he could be executed if they found him guilty. What a cruel times!

What will happen with Elizabeth? Now, she is a poor lady and she is not used to working. How will she solve the problem?

Remember that in May, The Telegraph reported that outgoing head of drama at the BBC, Brian Stephenson “firmly believes” that there will be six series of Poldark in total. Good! We’ll have great time.

What do you expect from Poldark season 2? Tell us your opinion now!

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  • Claire Tyler Jones

    “I love Demelza and cannot understand Ross’ doubts.” This. This. and again This.

    • BadWolf1138

      I hope they don’t drag that out. “Pray to God I don’t lose the love of my life.” Any backtracking will cheapen that moment. If that goes against the books, oh well.

  • Viningsgal

    Poldark has doubts because there is that “what if” factor hanging around. I think it explains more about it in the books. They are so worth reading.

  • Ginger29

    I hope they don’t follow the books too closely because it will break my heart if Ross gets together with Elizabeth. I love the relationship he has with Demelza and wish Elizabeth would go away.

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  • rosie1843

    The “POLDARK” novels is not a series of romance novels. If you’re expecting Ross and Demelza to spend the remaining 10 novels swooning, while staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, you’re following the wrong saga.

    What Ross and Demelza went through in the past season was a honeymoon period. Now, the real marriage begins. And it’s not going to be pretty. Deal with it.

    • blacktalk

      Ross loves Demelza but they are penniless, and that will cause a huge problem in their marriage, especially since she is now pregnant. George will harm Jud and Poldark will be compelled to continue to support him. Maybe t
      Ross will have new luck with the mine. Ross and his cousin we be friends again. Elizabeth will have to work, and so will Demelza.

  • blacktalk

    Tone down your language rosie, thisis not a liberal website!

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