Chicago And Family Activities. Kohl Children’s Museum Promotes The Importance Of Car Safety Seats

Chicago And Family Activities. Kohl Children’s Museum Promotes The Importance Of Car Safety Seats
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Chicago And Family Activities. On Saturday, Aug. 1, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Kohl Children’s Museum (2100 Patriot Blvd.) will host a Kids Identification and Safety Seat (K.I.S.S) event. In partnership with both the Illinois Tollway and the Illinois Police District 15, the event will promote the importance of the proper car safety seats installation and the need for parents to obtain identification cards for their children. The event is one of 11 K.I.S.S events held throughout Northern Illinois organized by the Illinois Tollway and Illinois Police District 15. Guests who participate in the free K.I.S.S. program will receive coupons for $2 off Museum admission for the day.

“The K.I.S.S events offer more than just inspections and child identification cards—they offer peace of mind,” said Sheridan Turner, president and CEO of Kohl Children’s Museum. “Every parent wants to create the safest environment they can for their children, and we’re so pleased to provide this opportunity to educate parents about simple fixes that can make a world of difference.”

At this free event, certified child passenger safety technicians will inspect child safety seats to ensure proper installation. The Illinois Police Department reports that 90 percent of the safety seats they inspect are improperly installed. Not only do these inspections ensure seats are in compliance with Illinois state law but a properly fitted seat also reduces the risk of tragedy in case of a crash. Adults driving with children who have properly installed safety seats are also less likely to be distracted while driving.

Illinois Police District 15 notes a few of the common problems they see in regards to child safety seats: too much slack in harness straps; seat improperly harnessed in the car; incorrect size for the child given their height and weight and the need for booster seats for older children. All of these points, among others, will be examined during the K.I.S.S event at Kohl Children’s Museum.

Event attendees 3-years-old and older can be photographed and fingerprinted to create the child’s own ID card. Three copies will be printed for parents to take home and use in case of an emergency. The information taken for these cards is not stored or saved by the Museum, Illinois Tollway or Police District 15. The cards are solely created as a reference for parents or guardians in case of an emergency. More than two children are reported missing every minute in the United States according to the Illinois Tollway, and more than one third of parents and guardians cannot accurately describe the child reported missing. Details on the ID card include height, eye color, date of birth and a photograph.

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