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Quote Of The Day By Sam Heughan. He Is Obsessed With The Moon And Space Travel

Quote Of The Day By Sam Heughan. He Is Obsessed With The Moon And Space Travel

Sam Heughan is trend this summer 2015. His role as Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser in Outlander Starz has gained international acclaim, and everybody is waiting for Outlander Season 2, renewed on August 15, 2014.

Sam Heughan was born in New Galloway, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, on 30 April 1980, and he studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) in Glasgow. However, he said: “Working on ‘Outlander’ has been a delight, it really has. I had kind of forgotten what Scotland was like, and I’d turned into a bit of a Londoner.” And the truth is that sometimes we need to think about our roots or the bustle of life makes us forget who we are.

Outlander Starz. Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe Will Be On The Simpsons

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser. Outlander TV show

Sam Heughan is a proud Scottish actor: “My accent is… sort of an Edinburgh sort of soft southwest Scottish accent. It could almost be English.” Very happy of being in Outlander and speaking with his fans: “I actually got an initial sense of how big ‘Outlander’ was going to be on Twitter. We’re all on there to help promote the show and also interact with the fans.” A friendly personality!

However, Sam Heughan keeps some surprises. Who doesn’t? Did you know he is absolutely interesting in space travel? Today, listen to him:

Quote of the day by Sam Heughan:

“I’m obsessed with the moon and space travel, so if I could incorporate that, I’d love to go to space.” Sam Heughan.

What do you think? Can you imagine Sam Heughan going to the Moon dressed as an astronaut? Sexy? Tell us your opinion now!

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you! Summer is exciting!

Outlander Starz. Sam Heughan And Jamie Fraser Are Very Similar

Outlander Starz. Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser

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  • Elizabeth Musschoot

    Wonderful show except that last two episodes – really sickening to see a good show end with a gay s and m torturer of our poor Jamie. Whoever thought it was a good thing to show such depravity really dropped the ball on the show. Very sad to see such cruelty.

    • Dotti Sienko

      E15/16 are based on the book. The incidents portrayed make Jamie the man he becomes.

    • von

      You should read the books. The series was not as explicit as the books are but it all goes towards making Jamie & Claire into a force to be reckoned with in the future. Also see Dianan Gabaldon’s explanation on her web site for her reasons behind these distressing
      storylines. They do make sense even though I think she could let Jamie have an easier time afterwards.
      Compelling drama and plots with many unexpected twists are the reason her books are so addictive. Ron Moore promised to follow the books closely and has delivered that promise with brilliance.
      Those times were cruel as is any time of conflict and ignorance. The scenes were there to make you understand why Jamie behaves as he does in the future and to make the reader/viewer appreciate his strength and deep love for Claire.

    • aussiesuzie

      Sad that you feel this way,it was wonderfully adapted to TV.lots more explicit in the book&yes these things do happen sadly in real life as well,please read the books it will clearify a lot of things!OL really is a great TV show,none of us like vile,cruelty but it happens!Glad to hear your life must be sheltered from it;-)

    • distachio

      Um. “Whoever” is none other than Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander book series. If you thought you were going on a light romantic swashbuckling romp with this show, I’m sorry you were so mistaken. But there was no way this part of the story line was going to be left out. It is the singular tragedy in Jamie’s life; the thing that cements Jamie and Claire’s relationship and marriage and what shapes the GREAT man Jamie will become.

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