Robert Pattinson Upcoming Movie. ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’ Playing As A Fascist Young

Robert Pattinson Upcoming Movie. ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’ Playing As A Fascist Young
Ignacio Zara
Robert Pattinson Upcoming Movie. 'The Childhood Of A Leader' Playing As A Fascist Young

Robert Pattinson Upcoming Movie. ‘The Childhood Of A Leader

Robert Pattinson’s last project. What do you need to know about the historical drama film The Childhood Of A Leader? Today, ten most important clues about the movie and 1918 dark time on Yareah.

The Childhood of a Leader is an upcoming historical mystery drama film, written, produced and directed by Brady Corbet. It’s also Corbet’s feature film directorial debut.

Brady Corbet is an American actor known for playing Mason Freeland in the film Thirteen, Brian Lackey in the film Mysterious Skin, Alan Tracy in Thunderbirds, and Peter in the 2008 film Funny Games.

Brady Corbet co-wrote the screenplay with his wife Mona Fastvold, a Norwegian filmmaker and actress based in Brooklyn NY, and filmed both an English and a French language version.

Robert Pattinson Upcoming Movie. 'The Childhood Of A Leader' Playing As A Fascist Young

Robert Pattinson Upcoming Movie. ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’

Chris Coen from Unanimous Entertainment, Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre from MACT Productions, Helena Danielsson from Hepp Film and Istvan Major served as producers on the film too.

The Childhood of a Leader chronicles the childhood of a fascist leader during World War I. It’s loosely based on Jean-Paul Sartre’s short story The Childhood of a Leader, published in 1939.

Production began in early 2015, in Budapest, Hungary.

On 10 December 2013, it was announced that Juliette Binoche, Tim Roth and Robert Pattinson had joined the cast of the movie, but on 16 August 2014, Binoche left the project alleging that it was “too dark.” On 20 August 2014, it was confirmed that Binoche had been replaced by Bérénice Bejo.

Thus, Robert Pattinson plays the role as Charles Marker. He is an American boy living in France with his parents, who witnesses the creation of the Treaty of Versailles in 1918. It causes him to develop a terrifying ego.

Liam Cunningham will play as The Father and Bérénice Bejo as The Mother.

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  • ali

    Looks to be a fascinating story. Really looking forward to it. Such an interesting cast.

    • Suzy

      I agree but I wish hed act in a MODERN film I know he has but theyve been weird ones and ones that havent gone well. Id hoped hed do MBL no women no sex just DRAMA I still think they USE HIM as eye candy hes more I think

  • mb

    Rob does have a dark side. This should do well for him.

  • Maggiemae

    So this is his last movie? I knew that his career was headed for the toilet and yes, he does have a dark side.

    • murrayzmum

      why would you think his career is headed for the toilet? based on what – that he chooses to do ‘non mainstream’ movies doesn’t mean he’s headed downward. i like others, am happy he chooses off beat movie roles – seems to be challenging himself more and more and a ‘dark’ side of rob will be great – sorry but i don’t understand why you would frame it up as ‘headed for the toilet’ – maybe you should refrain from making comments if the only ones you make are so negative and based on nothing!!!

  • disqus_UGeU1F6Q3I

    This will be a great film and I know this man career is leading to an Oscar nod. Say what you want he is so versatile and willing to go beyond his looks and look for more greedier roles. Nods to a great actor.

  • disqus_UGeU1F6Q3I

    I am looking forward to this movie. I love that he does not try to depend on his looks but is willing to gravitate to the role that is given him. He is so versatile and I know one day he will get a Oscar nod for his willingness to adapt to any role that is handed to him. So many are looking for the blockbusters and I know he did that once but wants to be considered for more dramatic and serious roles. Good for you Rob Pattinson, keep up the good work.

    • Guest

      Your answer made me have a good laugh.He picks his own roles out of scripts sent to him,he is weird and so are his movies. Oscar winners win for popular well acted movies,seeing he cant act,he could be waiting a long time. He has been around for years trying.As for his looks they are going,from all his drinking.He is just another Hollywood trier,along with a million others

      • disqus_UGeU1F6Q3I

        I understand that you feel that way, but this is my opinion. I respect yours so please respect mine. Not in competition here just stating my facts as I see them and you yours. No bullying here and I don’t know his personal life so I don’t comment on it. Guess have a good week.

        • Guest


          • disqus_UGeU1F6Q3I

            You are very gracious thank you for that.

    • Quin

      Couldn’t agree more. And he’s taking on Sartre with Brady Corbets premiere debut – someone he knows and respects. At his age and stature he could do anything – so he can chase awards another time but now he’s building character and skills. Cheers

  • Quin

    Inteiguing, dark and Sartre! Very impressive role Robert Pattinson. Taking on challenging roles is what he should be doing now… He could easily do blockbuster love stories but he’s looking to push himself and flourish. There are so many different descriptions of this film but I love this one.

  • bluestar

    Rob is well read and an intelligent man. He wants to put out some work that reflect that. He’s chosen a variety of roles to prove he can do almost any role. I think it’s smart. If all he did were “pretty” roles, he’d be type cast, and as he got older, and no longer wanted for those roles, he’d have to prove then that he could do deeper roles. He’s getting a good resume’ together.

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