South London podiatrist gives advice in Diabetes Week

South London podiatrist gives advice in Diabetes Week
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Undefeeted by Diabetes Cover

Undefeeted by Diabetes Cover

Sunday June 14 – Sunday June 21 2015 is Diabetes Week ( and South London-based podiatrist Peter Allton, from Croydon, sees it as an opportunity to urge people with diabetes to take care of their feet.

Peter has 27 years of experience as a podiatrist, having qualified as a podiatrist in 1988. He has since treated over 200,000 feet.

He is the clinical director of Circle Podiatry (, the UK’s only multi-award-winning private podiatry company. Peter runs podiatry practices in Lewisham, South London and Oxted, Surrey, assisted by his wife, practice manager Tina Allton.

As someone who lives with Type 2 diabetes, Peter understands that education is vital to managing the condition.

“It is a gruesome fact that over the course of diabetes week over 30,000 people worldwide will have a lower limb amputation because of their diabetes. This equates to one every twenty seconds. Equally shocking is the fact that 85% of cases could be avoided.

“If someone with diabetes develops a foot ulcer, their survival chances are worse than those of someone with prostate or breast cancer. A person with a foot ulcer has an 80% chance of not surviving five years, compared to 18% and 40% respectively for a person with breast or prostate cancer.

“Diabetes can be extremely difficult to live with if you don’t have the right information and strategies in place.

“The number of people who live with the condition but are unaware of the impact it can have on their feet is staggering. Diabetes can play havoc with your feet unless you manage it carefully.”

When his daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of eleven Peter decided to take action, start the global Undefeeted campaign ( and promote good foot health for diabetes sufferers.

Peter is the author of Undefeeted by Diabetes, which will be launched at 7PM on Tuesday June 23 at the Institute of Directors (, 116 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5ED. The book focuses on helping people with diabetes live in what Peter calls the ‘diabetic sweet spot’ – the safest possible position for them. The ‘sweet spot’ refers to a combination of knowledge and awareness of their personal risk and taking appropriate action that helps them to live full and healthy lives.

The book is aimed at those with diabetes, those at risk of developing diabetes, their family members, friends and carers.

Peter Allton’s practice, Circle Podiatry, has developed a new free app which has a useful section that helps educate people about diabetes.

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  • Sarah Johns

    Wake up people! Medicines/Pharms are just pumping out treatments, not cures. It’s time for us to look towards natural methods to defeat diabetes. Realizing this is what lead me to the methods that have me off of Metformin/Insulin because I can manage my own blood glucose levels. I no longer have symptoms of Diabetes.

    The way to beat diabetes naturally is covered extremely well in the Diabetes Destroyer book (It’s better explained here: http://WWW.TINYURL.COM/DIABETESBREAKDOWN search for “Diabetes Destroyer Review”). Essentially, the book guided me towards improvements in my health that were so easy to understand that I read it from cover to cover in the same night I discovered it. Today, a few months later, I’ve dropped 30 pounds. My blood sugar is down from 140 to 70-80 (fasted). I feel better than ever and I’m never going to have to deal with insulin injections. It did more for me than Metformin and the ADA diet ever could.

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