Beauty And The Beast Season 3. Jay Ryan Is The Sexiest Man On TV. See Video!

Beauty And The Beast Season 3. Jay Ryan Is The Sexiest Man On TV. See Video!
Beauty And The Beast Season 3. Jay Ryan Is The Sexiest Man On TV. See Video!

Jay Ryan as Vincent Keller in Beauty and the Beast

Beauty And The Beast Season 3. Jay Ryan is the sexiest man on TV. See video!

On June 11, 2015, Beauty And The Beast Season 3 begins! Are you excited? For sure! Life has been dull without meeting actor Jay Ryan playing the role as Vincent Keller, and Kristin Kreuk as Catherine ‘Cat’ Chandler. They are the most romantic couple on TV. And of course, I missed Austin Basis as J.T. Forbes too. But nothing lasts forever and tomorrow, they will be on our small screen again. Good!

Beauty And The Beast Season 3 episode 1 has the suggestive title of ‘Beast of Wallstreet.’ It’s written by Brad Kern and directed by Jeff Renfroe. What will happen? For the nonce, you can see this preview, some little clues and actor Jay Ryan still sexier than ever. Don’t you think so? Tell us your opinion now!

Beauty And The Beast Season 3. Jay Ryan Is The Sexiest Man On TV. See Video!

Jay Ryan as Vincent Keller in Beauty and the Beast TV show

Remember that Vincent and Cat will be living as an ordinary couple now, but the challenge on season 3 will be whether they can keep outside forces from tearing them apart. I’m sure that after some struggles and difficulties their love will be reinforce. Why? Because they are simply the best and true love always triumphs!

Video: Jay Ryan previews Beauty and the Beast’s third season premiere, Thursday at 8/7c. Only some hours are left!

And now some data: on May 8, 2014, Beauty & the Beast was renewed for a third season of 13 episodes. Filming on season started on August 29, 2014, and ended on February 12, 2015. Beauty & the Beast Season three was set to premiere on May 21, 2015, but was moved by The CW to June 11, 2015… Tomorrow is the day!

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you! Summer is coming and it will be fantastic!

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  • Patrizia Trevisan

    Jay Ryan is a very nice man, sexy, sweet,amazing, but also a good actor, I admire him a lot

  • Sasha Cortes

    Jay is just amazing, love his acting. Always makes the cast and crew laugh. Love this show

  • Serena

    Yes he is a very handsome man but it isn’t his best quality when it comes to acting. He is very prepared and able to convey evry emotion with his eyes

  • cristina

    Yes, it’s true!! Jay Ryan is so sexy and so beautiful! But not only!! he’s also a fantastic and professional actor, very prepared, which is able to interpret and convey all the emotions. I’m glad for him.

  • Izi de Paula

    Sure. He is the sexiest,beautiful and the better actor too.

  • Michela

    He’s sexy.. Definitely! But he also is pretty talented and perfect in portraying this amazing character. Can’t wait to see what the upcoming season is going to bring for Vincent!

  • Sylvrei

    Absolutely !!!!

  • Nina Mikal

    he is such a great actor and handsome guy, love his chemistry with Kristin, they are soooo good together and beauty and the beast is awesome !!!!!!

  • Glaucia M

    He deserve it! I know there are others, but he is simply wonderful!

  • Roberta

    Absolutely !!!!#batb


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