LANSA launches new SaaS offering SyncManager at GS1 Connect 2015

LANSA launches new SaaS offering SyncManager at GS1 Connect 2015
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Downers Grove, IL — June 3 2015 – LANSA, a worldwide provider of Product Information Management (PIM) and GS1 Solutions, is proud to announce the release of SyncManager, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to manage and share master data within and between enterprises. The global product launch will be held at the GS1 Connect 2015 conference – a trading partner collaboration event where experts gather to share practical ideas and best practices for leveraging global standards in supply chain operations – 31st May to 4th June, Austin TX.

Master data describes the ‘single version of the truth’ about information that is essential to the efficient running of any business, such as data about products, suppliers and customers. SyncManager functions as a ready-to-use Product Information Management system, conceptually similar to a Customer Relationship Management system, except that a PIM system is used to manage product data.

Early feedback from customers has been very encouraging, from the Food sector, Ramona Schiefer, Head of Compliance / Quality Management at J. Gschwandtner Import GmbH commented, “We were daunted by the prospect of the deadline set by the European Commission for the food information regulation and equally the demands imposed upon us from our retailers to send them trusted product data. We were pleasantly surprised to be publishing EU1169 compliant data within a few weeks of using the SyncManager service from LANSA, even though back then the product was still only in its beta testing phase”.

Making reference to the initial perceived complexity of EU1169 compliance Ramona continued, “What we thought was going to take us months became a relatively simple exercise: we loaded our data into SyncManager, the system told us what was missing and what was wrong, we made the corrections, then we published the data directly from SyncManager to our customers via the GDSN.”

From the Healthcare sector, Emma Gray, CEO of Mediplus remarked, “with a deadline approaching for FDA Unique Device Identification (UDI) product registration we had to select an appropriate solution for our business. After carefully researching the alternatives we chose SyncManager and 1WorldSync as our solution for registering our medical device data into the GUDID (Global Unique Device Identification Database). The GDSN datapool provides us with a one-to-many publishing channel to meet future demands for regulated product data from other trading partners and territories; for example the NHS eProcurement Strategy and future regional UDI databases like EUDAMED (European Databank on Medical Devices).”

Speaking about the additional effort required to manage product data, Emma continued, “With many customers in different territories – each requiring different data about products – collecting, managing and publishing this information was becoming very laborious, compounded by the additional checks we must make to meet regulatory requirements. SyncManager has now tamed the complexity; all of our product data is validated, enriched and organized in one central place.”

Martin Fincham, CEO of LANSA, added, “We started on this journey with a goal to deliver the first pure Cloud PIM solution from an enterprise stable like LANSA. We didn’t just ‘port’ our PIM and GDSN expertise to the SaaS model, but took this opportunity to re-imagine how to collaborate on and share product data in the Cloud. The price/performance ratio of the Google Cloud Platform has been a major factor in enabling us to disrupt the pricing model, bringing the power of enterprise PIM within the reach of everyone.”

SyncManager is immediately available at with ready-to-go industry templates that give a fast-start to businesses needing to solve common requirements for commerce, regulatory and standards compliance. LANSA has developed solutions for the GDSN via 1WorldSync, EU1169 regulation in the Food & Beverage industry, UDI compliance for Medical Devices in Healthcare and multi-channel commerce for the Office Supplies sector. SyncManager is an open platform that supports a growing eco-system of business partners who can bring their domain expertise and market presence to populate the Template Exchange with hundreds of similar fast start templates – thereby creating an App Store-like catalogue of Multi-domain Master Data Management solutions that can be applied with one-click.

SyncManager offers flexible subscription pricing that enables users to ‘pay-as-you-grow’. A new user can begin with the Free (Solo) account and upgrade through different price plans that suit their growing business needs. Starting at only $299 per user, businesses now have easy and affordable access to the kind of Enterprise PIM functionality that has been the preserve of large corporations with significant budgets.


LANSA is a leading provider of business process integration and data synchronization software. LANSA’s product suite spans the entire supply chain process with solutions for GDSN participation, product Information Management and Data Quality. LANSA is a solution provider for many GS1 Member Organizations worldwide, a 1WorldSync Strategic Partner and an IBM, Microsoft and Oracle Business Partner. LANSA is working with customers including Alpura, Bigelow Tea, Brewers Distributor, Carlisle Foodservice, Godiva, Kellogg and Pernod Ricard. Established in 1987, LANSA supports thousands of companies around the world with its products and services. See for more details.

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