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Outlander Starz. Jamie Fraser Beside Two Strong Women. Jenny Or Claire?

Outlander Starz. Jamie Fraser Beside Two Strong Women. Jenny Or Claire?
Outlander Starz. Jamie Fraser Beside Two Strong Women. Jenny Or Claire?

Jenny Fraser (Laura Donnelly) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe)

Outlander Starz. Jamie Fraser Beside Two Strong Women. Jenny Or Claire?

Outlander is an amazing series and I love its feminine characters. In the last episode, titled ‘The Watch’, we could enjoy the beginning of a great friendship between Jenny (Jamie’s sister) and Claire (Jamie’s wife).

Of course, we know that Claire is not a common lady. She is clever, brave, generous, sincere and has a great sense of humor. But how about Jenny Fraser? We know less about her. But in the last episode, she showed her true character. We’ll see.

Jenny is also a very intelligent woman. When the men of the Watch descend upon Lallybroch, she lies to save Jamie and says he is a Fraser cousin.

Furthermore, Jenny is generous and dislikes to worry the family. Thus, when Claire realizes that Jenny’s impending childbirth will be dangerous, Jenny swears her to secrecy.

But she is strong and gives birth to a daughter in spite of all the sufferings.

When Jamie is captured by the Redcoats, she is generous and supportive with her.

And the surprise! Despite her rude modals, she is a tender wife. We could see this smooth side of her personality when her injured husband Ian returns home.

What do you think about Jenny Fraser? Would you like to see her on Outlander Season 2? Tell us your opinion now!

Jenny Fraser (Laura Donnelly) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)

Jenny Fraser (Laura Donnelly) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)

** Actress Laura Donnelly plays the role as Jenny Fraser in Outlander Starz. She is an actress from Northern Ireland, who made her on-screen debut in 2005 in the Channel 4 drama Sugar Rush. There, she featured as a love interest of the female protagonist in two episodes.

Laura Donnelly is also known for appearing in Casualty, Hex, and as a main character in the Irish film Insatiable (2008).

She recently starred in Best: His Mother’s Son, a BBC drama on the life of George Best, playing Best’s sister, Barbara.

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  • Kathy

    Keep Jenny, she is a strong character that is very entertaining, you never now what she is going to do next

  • Kimberly Liljequist

    She and Ian are in book two. It part of the story when they return from France.

    • D R Allen

      And book three (Voyager), but it might be a spoiler if I say say why 😛

  • D R Allen

    I suspect Jenny is a LOT tougher than Claire.

    Claire had the benefit of getting her training in Nursing when an adult, also her off-battlefield nursing experience.

    Jenny took over running the household at Broch Turach at the age of TEN (when her mother died in childbirth) and running the ENTIRE estate on the death of her father (immediately preceding JAMMF’s disappearing for four years). No formal education (only Jamie was sent off for schooling) and little adult support – this tough little girl did all of this on her own! 😀

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