Vikings Season 3 And 4. Will Rollo Marry Princess Gisla? What Historical Sources Say?

Vikings Season 3 And 4. Will Rollo Marry Princess Gisla? What Historical Sources Say?
Isabel del Rio
Vikings Season 3 And 4. Will Rollo Marry Princess Gisla? What Historical Sources Say?

Clive Standen as Rollo Lothbrok

Vikings Season 3 and 4. Will Rollo Lothbrok marry Princess Gisla of France? What historical sources say?

Vikings Season 3 And 4. Vikings Season 3 has been epic. A glorious open finale which left us speechless. We saw Lagertha declaring her love to the coffin of Ragnar, who was actually alive. Will they be together again in Vikings Season 4? What will it happen with Aslaug? And how about Ragnar entering Paris using the old trick of the Trojan Horse? That was the moment! However, I’d like to know Rollo’s future because the Seer told Rollo: ‘If you know what I know, you’d be dancing naked on the beach.’

Then, Rollo’s future will be important and for sure, he will be one of the most significant characters in Vikings Season 4. Now, he is in command of a small army of Vikings on the outskirts of Paris. His brother King Ragnar Lothbrok, Floki, his nephew Bjorn and Lagertha will return and he must wait, because the siege will continue in spring.

Vikings Season 3 And 4. Will Rollo Marry Princess Gisla? What Historical Sources Say?

Travis Fimmel as Ragnar and Clive Standen as Rollo in Vikings TV series

Of course, Paris is master in the art of conspiracy, and they are tempting Rollo to get he betrays his brother. He will be duke and will marry Princess Gisla if he switches sides. Will he do in season 4? Difficult to guess because as I said before the finale was open. However, we know that Rollo is ambitious and he betrayed Ragnar before. Also, he likes brave woman as Princess Gisla. Then, what will he do?

What historical sources say? Rollo is the great-great-great-grandfather of William the Conqueror and an ancestor of the present-day British royal family, as well as an ancestor of all current European monarchs. And yes, Princess Gisela of France (d. 919), the daughter of Charles III of France, marry him. It seems they have at least a daughter, Griselle of Normandy.

I cannot wait to see Vikings season 4, can you? Tell us your opinion about the future of the series now!

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  • Lilyrose

    YEs he will… I think when they return they will find the Viking camp deserted. I think they combined two characters to make Gisla. Giselle and Poppa. Giselle, Charles the Simple’s daughter, may not have been a real person. Historians think that was another woman that married a Viking. Rollo kidnapped Poppa. Nobody knows what their relationship was between Rollo and Poppae. Perhaps the real Rollo’s Viking wife died. We know he kidpanned Poppa when she was a teenager. We know he thought she was pretty. A number of years latter, Poppa had a baby. By this time Rollo was considered old, late 30’s and could have been a grandfather in his world. Rollo brought her with him to Normandy and they had at least one more child. Nobody else is mentioned. He never married her because in catholic church marriage requires consent, so he couldn’t marry her, because he had originally kidnapped her. I wonder if the writers will play it like this. (except Rollo’s story is true) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr53BBScS98

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Isabel del Rio

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