Vikings Season 3. What Will Be The Future Of Rollo And Lagertha? Why Not A Romance?

Vikings Season 3. What Will Be The Future Of Rollo And Lagertha? Why Not A Romance?
Isabel del Rio
Vikings Season 3. What Will Be The Future Of Rollo And Lagertha? Why Not A Romance?

Rollo (Clive Standen) and Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). Vikings TV series

Vikings Season 3 finale and Season 4. What will be the future of Rollo Lothbrok and Lagertha?

Vikings Season 3 finale will be aired on April 23, 2015. Then, only two days are left. The finale episode is called ‘The Dead’ and of course, it could be a metaphoric title. It could refer to a civilization (old gods) or to a culture (an economy based on raids and not in production). But everybody is thinking of King Ragnar Lothbrok’s end.

We have several reasons. Firstly, he has been seriously injured (he is vomiting blood) in the latest attack on the walls of Paris, and he does not recover nor want to. Secondly, Ragnar Lothbrok is absolutely depressed since the death of his friend Athelstan, the Priest, and is claiming that he wants to join him in the Christian Heaven. Finally, it seems that his life cycle ended. Now, he is only a disenchanted loveless great king.

Thus, it’s probably that we’ll see Ragnar’s end in the finale. But what will happen in Season 4? Remember that the series was renewed for a fourth season on 26 March 2015.

Vikings Season 3. What Will Be The Future Of Rollo And Lagertha? Why Not A Romance?

Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Rollo (Clive Standen). Vikings TV series

In previous episodes, the Seer predicted a great future for Rollo and Bjorn, and neither of them has done anything important. Then, season 4 must focus on them.

Rollo (Ragnar’s brother) is played by actor Clive Standen. An extraordinary actor who can engage audiences. He has been all his life in love with Lagertha, the shieldmaiden (Katheryn Winnick). She also plays a great role and their love story can create an interesting mythology, especially when French Princess Gisela seems to be interested in Rollo too. For sure, Paris and its mysterious will appear in season 4.

Bjorn (the eldest son of Ragnar) would be another option but he is too young. We can wait for season 5 to see his adventures. Don’t you think so?

What do you expect from season 4? Tell us your opinion now!

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  • Francis X. Shannon

    No, Ragnar will fake his death, secure a promise from Bjorn to have him buried in the holy ground of the cathedral INSIDE Paris’ walls. Once inside, Ragnar will leap from his coffin and lead the contingent of mourners in an assault of the city gates, securing them to let in the main body of Vikings to, at long last, take Paris.

  • Francis X. Shannon

    Rollo is over Lagertha. Historically, me married into royalty and became the founding duke of Normandy.

    • Lilyrose

      There was a cut scene (cut in the U.S.) Where Lagertha thanks Rollo for always looking after Bjorn. He confesses he did it because BJorn was her boy. Clive Standen said: Rollo always loved Lagertha, before Ragnar. He thought that she chose Ragnar over him, but she just never really wanted to be with him (not because of Ragnar) He’s sad about that, but he has accepted it. I have a feeling the seer’s prophecy for Lagertha was about how Rollo’s decision is going to affect them in season 4. It was: I see a harvest in blood(failure of the English settlement), I see the union of the sword and the plow (I think that’s the settlement in Normandy) I see a burning churning ocean and a marble city. The Trickster (is that Ragnar) will cleave you with a weapon. Perhaps hinting at the coming family conflict and turmoil.

  • Wolfgang

    Historically, the vikings do sack the city of Paris, and much later, Ragnar is killed by the king of Northumbria, “Aella”, so based on this, I doubt Ragnar’s end will come in the season finale.

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