Novices Wanted for Last World First Arctic Expedition

Novices Wanted for Last World First Arctic Expedition
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Ice Warrior Jim McNeill

Ice Warrior Jim McNeill

On Tuesday April 21 2015 (photocall at Westfield London at 8:00AM) the search starts for intrepid volunteers to participate in a scientific trek to the Last Pole – the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility, which has never before been reached.

The expedition, a flagship of project Ice Warrior by Ascot, Berkshire-based Jim McNeill, one of world’s most experienced and respected polar explorers, will run from February to May 2016.

The search starts with a national digital out of home campaign across Ocean Outdoor’s premium network of locations, beginning in London (at Eat Street, Westfield London in Shepherds Bush) – and continuing to be displayed in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow, tailoring the message to the people in that specific city.

Former fireman Jim McNeill says, “We want to recruit ordinary men and women on this epic expedition, which will be the first polar trek to actively seek people off the street. This is one of the most exciting, biggest and boldest expeditions of our time, and harks back to the golden age of polar exploration, when there were no experts.”

People who respond to the digital advertising will be asked to complete a questionnaire and then, if successful, will be invited to selection weekends in June and July, costing £245. Candidates will then face further challenges and intensive Arctic training.

“I want 28 people aged 18-80 from all walks of life and who want to make history and a crucial contribution to science.

“Expeditioners will be measuring many sea-ice parameters and the data they collect will further the scientific community’s knowledge of how it disintegrates.”

The journey, including all training and kit, will cost around £20,000 per person and participants are required to have the characteristics and drive to fundraise this money. The expedition will be split into four legs, each lasting 20 days.

Jim, who is 54 and has over 30 years of polar expedition experience, is passionate about opening up the Arctic scenery to those willing to participate. “People don’t need to be super fit. Maturity helps, but the most essential thing is that people must be excellent team players.”

Ocean Outdoor has offered digital advertising slots nationwide, which will run at a range of times from Tuesday April 25 until Monday May 4. Together with other campaigns running later in the year, their generous donation is worth £250,000 in advertising value.

“Until now, digital out of home has never been used for expedition recruitment, but the beauty of the platform is that relevant recruitment messaging can be targeted at individuals across the country simultaneously. This is a world first for many different reasons.”

“Richard Malton from Ocean Outdoor, “This is a one off-opportunity for the people of the UK to do something extraordinary. Ocean are proud to be able to support such an amazing adventure – and hope that through our digital advertising promotion there will be a variety of individuals across the UK inspired to take part.”

The expedition will use a hybrid kayak-sledge designed by Jim and called a QAJAQ, which will serve as a vessel on ice, sea ice and water and double as a survival pod.

Would-be explorers should please visit For information about Jim McNeill visit . The expedition is being promoted on Twitter with the hashtag #LastPole.

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