Vikings Season 3. When Will Ragnar Lodbrok Die? Spoiler Alert!

Vikings Season 3. When Will Ragnar Lodbrok Die? Spoiler Alert!
Isabel del Rio
Vikings Season 3. When Will Ragnar Lodbrok Die? Spoiler Alert!

Travis Fimmer as Ragnar Lodbrok

Vikings Season 3 is thrilling. Every episode is more inspiring than the previous one. But sadly, the season is near its end on April 23, 2015. The finale episode is titled ‘The Dead.’ Of course, the question is: Who is going to die?

As you know, Vikings is a historical drama television series inspired by mythological Norse heroes, especially by Ragnar Lodbrok or Lothbrok. Written and created by Michael Hirst for the television channel History, the series presents a depth study about Vikings life and culture in the 9th century.

Vikings Season 3. When Will Ragnar Lodbrok Die? Spoiler Alert!

Vikings Season 3. Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lodbrok

Thus, what was the real bio of Ragnar?

Ragnar Lodbrok was a legendary Norse ruler, king, and hero from the Viking Age described in Old Norse poetry and several sagas, but it’s not sure whether Ragnar existed or poets created him.

In this tradition, Ragnar was the plague of France and England and the father of many renowned sons, including Ivar the Boneless, Björn Ironside, Halfdan Ragnarsson, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, and Ubba. Curiously, there are more historical evidences about his descendants.

According to legend, Ragnar became king and after many brave raids and conquests, he was eventually seized by his enemy, King Ælla of Northumbria, and killed by being thrown into a pit of snakes. Of course, his sons bloodily avenged him by invading England with the Great Heathen Army.

Then, if Vikings Season 3 follows the legend, they can kill Ragnar in the finale, although the series was renewed for a fourth season on 26 March 2015. But Season 4 can focus on other heroes like his brother Rollo, Lagherta (Ragnar was thrice married: to the shieldmaiden Lagertha, to the noblewoman Þóra Borgarhjǫrtr, and to Aslaug) or his son Bjorn.

No doubt, it would be a great finale to see Ragnar Lodbrok’s death.

What do you think? Tell us your opinion now!

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  • jon

    If he dies, I am done watching. There is no way those characters could carry the show.

    • Paully

      Some discussion but he supposedly dies in Northumbria

      • Mel

        Yeah. But History channel managed to fuck up a HISTORIC show. He never got baptized. If they kill him I am done.

    • Graeme Willy

      Completely untrue. Rollo, Bjorn Ironside and Lagertha can more than carry the show. You can’t be done watching the show because historical writings have already long since determined his fate…whether he was an actual historical figure, or not. Even in Arthurian legend, the great King Arthur, founder of Camelot and other great adventures and successes, dies. Unless, you prefer the other version of the story where he recovers/ is re-incarnated on the magical island of Avalon to be your preferred ending lol

      Also, I’m not sure if you caught it earlier, but the snake pit in Northumbria was already shown to us, when the king had his captain of the guard executed for his incompetence. I kind of figured that to be foreshadowing. At this point, Ragnar should be appearing older than he is, making it much easier for us to see him ready to go, but for some reason, everyone still looks young and it is only the kids that age lol

  • Chelsea Harmon

    if they kill him off now i’m done watching. no point. you don’t have to rush what happened in ‘real life’ in order to tell a great story. stretch it out, or even change it so the hero doesn’t die. its fiction. there’s no proof ragnar ever lived or if poets just created a hero in him through their writing. who says he HAS to die? there would be many disappointed fans if he didn’t recover & go back to what he does best… conquering & leading.

  • Donovan Lazar

    If he dies I am done as well. He is by far the best character and an amazing actor

  • Daniel Juarbe

    First off, I thought Ragnar already died. Or at least he appeared to be dying throughout the whole entire episode before the season finale. These writers are just pulling our chains. Bad enough they’re killing off the Main Star after having us emotionally invest into for 3 years. Now their just waving his death around for better ratings.

  • Hunter

    wait dont give up on the show yet, ragnar was actually supposed to die in season 1 but due to his great appeal he was kept alive, remember in season 1 when the one general guy was thrown into the snake pit… that was foreshadowing ragnars soon to be death in a snake pit, but yet he was kept alive. after ragnars death his sons become some of the most famous warriors in vikings history so obviously his sons will become the next main protagonists.

  • Hunter

    Another thing is in history bjorn ironside did exactly what ragnar just did last episode and at his funerael he jumped out of his casket and suprised the guards and killed them then proceeded to kill and take the city by himself. this show is known for switching things up and i want to see what you guys think

    • Hunter

      will ragnar do what his son did historically and make the fans think he is dead throughout the episode and at the end jump out of his coffin and continue to fight and take paris

    • Alicia Harkness

      Very true. I’m liking this theory. Thanks! I really hope that’s the outcome only because I don’t think the actor that plays Bjorn could carry another season. The history channel does take liberties here and there but for the most part I have been able to keep up with seasons because they’ve kept somewhat near the plot lines of the sagas. U r right about Bjorn so yea this is a great theory I think. I hope , I hope , I hope!

    • Conservativefemale43

      I like this idea a lot…and reading Hirst’s “spoilers” – explaining how important it is to take a Pagan-converted-Christian into the city and give them a “Christian Burial” in the church/churchyard…I’m thinking you’re probably right, Hunter!!

  • Brian Horton

    If he dies the show wont be near as good i believe he asks his son to tell everyone he is dead but really isn’t the viking director isnt that stupid to kill the best show on cable tv, because if ragnar dies viking dies with it!!!

    • But the real Ragnar died and this is history. Anyway. thanks for the comment, Brian and nice to meet you

      • Tom Luz

        One of the Ragnar legends holds that he died of dysentery in France. That would be consistent with the episodes to date.

  • Jenna Smith

    Ragnar said already in the show that he is a dying man. The curious thing for me is Ragnar’s love for Athelstan, which I am guessing is a Hirsh creation. There is no mention of Athestan in history, is it? Ragnar invaded Paris out of greed, not love for anyone. I like to think of Ragnar devoid of our 21th century mindset, not needing to justify the survival of the fitest!

    • Suze O

      Athelstan was a real person, but his part was completely rewritten for this show. He was a king of England and in English history he was quite important, even if Americans have never heard of him. I kept waiting through the first and second season for the show to somehow work him into the English royal line, and sure enough, in the show he is Alfred’s father (there are already hints in the show that Alfred will be a significant king), but historically he was actually Alfred (the Great)’s grandson.

      I usually like my history shows to remain more true to history, but I really like what they did with the monk Athelstan’s part in the series. The character in Vikings was very likable and important to the plot in that instance. The writer must have figured that he could borrow the name Athelstan for the part because Americans would have no clue. It’s a nice medieval name anyway.

      I sure hope there is plenty of opportunity for these famous children to continue the adventures next season.

      • Jenna Smith

        Thank you for the information about Athelstan. Yes, I also hope that the adventures of their kids will be as entertaining. I do not appreciate having to wait 8 months for the next installment.

  • Kazylady2

    No! If Ragnor dies they might as well not have another season.

  • Peggie

    Don’t kill Ragnar off to me it wouldn’t be right without him I don’t think I would watch it anymore he is why I watch it.If you want to kill somebody off kill his second wife.

  • IAB

    No Ragnar – no show, I will not watch again

  • Louis E.

    It’s the HISTORY Channel,not the “Tell Stories the Viewers Like” channel.Ragnar’s death is the most credible thing we have about him.And the royal line from him goes through his son by Aslaug:
    Sigurd Snake-in-eye,Horda-Knut Sigurdsson,Gorm the Old,Harald Bluetooth,Sweyn Forkbeard.

  • Stan W Hart

    I think he will be cured by a christian priest or doctor, convert to christianity, to die later in england.

  • Conservativefemale43

    No, it will NOT be a “great finale” to see Ragnar’s death!! I do not want him to die yet!! Grrrr!

  • agnes

    Travis Fimmel IS Ragnar Lothbrok. He has mastered his role. I am a fervent tv/movie fan. Have never seen an actor of such amazing charisma. Ragnar MUST NOT DIE. He carries “Vikings”! He IS King Ragnar.

  • agnes

    Travis Fimmel IS Ragnar Lothbrok. He has mastered his role. Never have seen an actor of such astounding charisma. Your eyes/ears never leave him when he is in a scene. Ragnar MUST NOT DIE so soon in this epoch tale.

  • Wolfgang

    Uh, this article doesn’t make much sense. It said he was the Bain of france and later died in Northumbria by King Aella, so why would the show kill him now? Remember in Season 1, when Aella, the english king said that he would get his revenge. That was foreshadowing things to come. No way Ragnar dies in the finale unless the writers decide to rewrite history.

  • Michael Bellinger / Cooliedawg

    I can’t stand the THOUGHT of him dying..YES..I am enthralled with him……………I have other heroes in other shows, but RAGNAR..is THE one. Mayhaps….our son…..could be a brother to him in looks and mannerisms……….thus……..my addiction to RAGNAR LOTHBROK I made need therapy! :(….

  • Alicia

    I agree with what everyone else is saying on this matter and I’m also done watching if they kill him off,I don’t mind not sticking to exactly what happened and switching it up a little but without Ragnar the show is over for me.

  • Suze O

    This show is already completely messed up with history. There are historical ELEMENTS but the writer is using artistic license. Ragnar HAS to die sometime. History implies that the real Ragnar died of dysentery in Paris – although the legend says it was in a snake pit. The legend would not allow a great Viking to get into Valhalla on the excuse of dysentery – it HAS to be death in battle. But now the series has baptized him and supposedly he wants to go to Heaven where Aethelstan is – not Valhalla. Still, it’s hard to imagine the writers would give up the snake pit in the plot. Did anyone notice in previous episodes the snakes slithering around before Ragnar shows up on the screen? Or being near him when the camera shifts to him? The show might take liberties with history, but they have really done their research. Ragnar’s animal alter-ego (which every Viking had) is the snake. Snakes figure in his legend a bit more, but the series has been hinting at Ragnar and snakes all along. Jarl Borg’s alter-ego was the eagle, and Rollo’s is the bear (he’s been wandering around in that bulky bear-fur cape for the whole series.) Aslaug’s is the crow (not the raven which is Odin’s), which is why she has second sight and can interpret omens. The alter-egos were companions, protectors, other “disguises” for their Viking human, but could also be a weakness. Ragnar is named Lothbrok (hairy britches) because he supposedly wore pants that a snake couldn’t bite through. So he has to be stripped to die in the snake pit (in the legend). We’ll see what next season brings.

    Also, even if Ragnar does die, he can always re-appear in dreams, memories and visions, so his fans needn’t lose all hope.

  • Graeme Willy

    I just hate how they loosely throw “Pagan” around in the show, without once describing what it actually means. It doesn’t help the ignorance that so many suffer from today. Pagan, is any spirituality that is not of Christianity. Today, if you use it, many assumes it means witchcraft and Satanism. How ignorant. They don’t even bother to mention how the early Saxon and other such tribes, prior to the Roman influence, also worshipped Odin(Woden in Saxon), Thor(Thunor in Saxon) and other such gods. In the show, they also poke fun of the Viking lack of alphabets and their runic systems. Saxons used them, too.

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