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Outlander Starz. Speaking Of Magic Inverness. Ten Things You Should Know

Outlander Starz. Speaking Of Magic Inverness. Ten Things You Should Know
Isabel del Rio
Claire in Inverness. Outlander TV show

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in Craigh na Dun. Outlander TV show

Outlander Starz. The extraordinary life of Claire Beauchamp Randall/Fraser (actress Caitriona Balfe) started in Inverness. She was here with her husband Frank Randall (actor Tobias Menzies) to rest and to reacquaint after being separated for five years during the WWII.

On the outskirts of Inverness, they observed a modern Druid ritual among a set of standing stones on the hill of Craigh na Dun. Later this day and being alone, Claire hears a strange noise coming from one of the stones. She places her hands on it and … wakes up lying on the ground in the 18th century!

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in Inverness. Outlander TV show

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in Inverness. Outlander TV show

Today, ten things you should know about this magic place:

1.- Inverness is a current city in Scottish Highlands. The word means ‘Mouth of the River Ness’ and Ness is synonymous of wonderful legends. Remember the the Loch Ness Monster.

2.- The city was founded in AD 565 by St. Columba to convert the Picts to Christianity. They were Celtic people who built the Pictish stones. For example, the Aberlemno Serpent Stone showing the serpent and other magic symbols. Although Craigh na Dun stones don’t exist.

3.- The current castle is said to have been built in the place of Malcolm III of Scotland’s residence. The legend of Macbeth whispers at night.

4.- The strategic location of Inverness has led to many conflicts in the area. Supposedly, there was a battle in the early 11th century between King Malcolm and Thorfinn of Norway at Blar Nam Feinne, to the southwest of the city.

5.- Medieval Inverness suffered regular raids from the Western Isles, particularly by the MacDonald Lords of the Isles in the fifteenth century.

6.- In 1562, during the progress undertaken to suppress Huntly’s insurrection, Mary, Queen of Scots was denied admittance into Inverness Castle by the governor. The Clan Munro and Clan Fraser took the castle for her. The house in which she lived meanwhile stood in Bridge Street until the 1970s. What a queen! Her execution has served as inspiration for many novels and films.

7.- Beyond the then northern limits of the town, Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) built a citadel capable of accommodating 1,000 men. The only surviving modern remnant is a clock tower, but it’s wonderful!

8.- Inverness played a role in the first Jacobite rising in 1689. And in 1715, the Jacobites occupied the royal fortress as a barracks. In 1727, the government built the first Fort George here, but in 1746 it surrendered to the Jacobites and they blew it up.

9.- Culloden Moor lies nearby, and was the site of the Battle of Culloden in 1746, which ended the Jacobite Rising of 1745–1746. Precisely, the Jacobite problem is part of Oulander TV show plot.

10.- On 7 September 1921, the first British Cabinet took place in the Town House, when David Lloyd George, on holiday in Gairloch, called an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Ireland. The Inverness Formula composed at this meeting was the basis of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

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Caitriona Balfe
Isabel del Rio

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