The History Of Chocolate. Then Things You Should Know

The History Of Chocolate. Then Things You Should Know
Isabel del Rio
The History Of Chocolate. Then Things You Should Know

Chocolate. Photo attribution Maliz ONG

The history of chocolate. Columbus encountered the cacao bean on his fourth mission to the Americas, on 15 August 1502. Before, nobody in Europe knew about chocolate. Today, ten things about its history.

1.- On the Pacific coast of Chiapas, Mexico, there is evidence of cacao beverages dating as early as 1900 BC.

2.- One vessel found on the Gulf Coast of Veracruz, Mexico, dates chocolate preparation by pre-Olmec people in 1750 BC.

3.- Also in current Mexico and by the 15th century, the Aztecs adopted cacao into their culture. They associated chocolate with god Quetzalcoatl, who was cast away by the other gods for sharing chocolate with humans.

4.- Thus, people who lived in areas ruled by the Aztecs were required to offer cacao seeds in payment of their taxes.

5.- Cocoa beans were often used as currency in ancient Mexico.

6.- Until the 16th century, no European had ever heard of the popular drink from the Central and South American people.

7.- Columbus took cacao beans with him back to Spain, but chocolate made no impact until Spanish friars introduced it to the Spanish court.

8.- There, chocolate quickly became a court favorite. It was still served as a beverage, but the Spanish added sugar, as well as honey, to neutralize its natural bitterness.

9.- By 1602, chocolate had made its way from Spain to Austria. Within about a hundred years, chocolate established a foothold throughout Europe.

10.- In 1847, Joseph Fry learned to make chocolate moldable by adding back melted cacao butter.

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“One of my early childhood memories was my grandmother always having a bowl of Nestle chocolate bars at her house. My sister and I would argue over who could eat the chocolate bars. Looking back, I don’t know why we just didn’t share. We could have split them.” Carla Hall.

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