Fashion. New collection of diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings on Private Diamond Club

Fashion. New collection of diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings on Private Diamond Club
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Diamond engagement rings 2015

Diamond engagement rings 2015

The spring is coming and engagement period is approaching! It’s about the time to look for a perfect diamond engagement ring for this special moment. Take your time and find the jewel that will express love and your lifetime commitment.

Private Diamond Club is launching its new collection of customized diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings – Spring 2015!

Private Diamond Club is an online store with its workshop located in Antwerp (Belgium). PDC is working with craftsmen, jewelers and designers to create exceptional pieces with unique gemstones.

Jewelry offered by Private Diamond Club is up to 50% cheaper. Clients have a possibility to avoid all commissions of intermediaries and running costs of jewelry shops. All internet users enjoy 30 days return policy – in case of any doubts, diamond engagement ring can be returned within 30 days.

Discover some brand new, unique diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings offered by Private Diamond Club:

Digitale” is a diamond engagement ring with purely architectural design. A setting of Digital diamond engagement ring is covered with 48 stones, with a large central diamond (0.30 carat). This model exists as well with a 1.0 carat (6.5 mm) central diamond, with a setting of 32 stones (total 0.60 carats).

Another model that can catch one’s attention is Pave diamond eternity ring “Forsythia”. Its setting is rounded by 84 brilliants of the finest quality to enhance its brilliance. The gold setting can be white, yellow, or pink. This diamond engagement ring is accessible from 6 270 € (while the market price equals to 10 000 €!).

Two carat diamond pave ring “Giroflée” will be perfect for these who prefer elegant, delicate and sophisticated style. A two carat round diamond (8.2 mm) is set on a ring paved with diamonds in order to underline its brightness. This amazing diamond engagement ring will match with any outfit to make it exceptional! By ordering this diamond engagement ring online you will pay 27 200 €, saving up to 24 800 €!

Discover diamond engagement ring “Lantana”, set with 4 prongs. This diamond engagement ring has 5 brilliants on each side with shining gemstone in the middle – simplicity, pure beauty and femininity in one. By ordering online, you will save 2 100 €! The real value of this amazing diamond engagement ring equals to 4 600 €.

Private Diamond Club presents models of diamond engagement rings that can inspire these who prefer modern and refines shapes. Learn more about “Cardamone 1R”, “Cardamone 2P” and “Cardamone 3P”. These diamond wedding rings are composed with two rings each, with delicate, reflecting light diamonds, inserted between these gemstones.

Regarding the prices, they will differ depending on model:

By buying Cardamone 1R online you will save up to 1 440 €!

Cardamone 2P will cost you only 1 050 € less than on the market. Its price equals to 1 050 €

The price of Cardamone 3P will be up to 1 010 € lower than on the market and this modern princess cut diamonds wedding ring will actually cost 1 090 €!

Gemstones offered by Private Diamond Club online store will be delivered together will special authenticity certificate (a special diamond’s identity card). This certification, given after the thorough examination by worldwide recognized main laboratories (HRD, GIA, or IGI), will judge diamonds according to 8 quality criteria (weight, clarity, color, shape, proportions, symmetry, finish, fluorescence).

Ring size, color of the setting and diamond weight can be customized, so clients of Private Diamond Club online store have possibility to create jewelry adapted to individual tastes. All orders made on Private Diamond Club are delivered within 8 days, once the payment is confirmed.

To learn more, be advised, or tell jewel designers about your customized project of diamond engagement ring, or diamond wedding ring, contact our Customer Service.

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  • sparklinggems

    Engagements happen everywhere and it’s been happening like it never happened before. So husbands to be, it’s about time to educate yourselves about a very precious gemstone called diamonds. Before you buy an engagement ring that will create an impact to a woman’s life, you better know important aspects of buying diamonds and engagement rings. As much as you want that popping the big question moment to be very special as possible, the woman you want to marry would also feel very special with the kind of engagement ring you will give her. Some stores do offer customized design and online stores actually cuts off costs because there’s no middleman involved.

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