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Food. Verycook brings versatility and style to your barbecue experience

Food. Verycook brings versatility and style to your barbecue experience
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Verysmart 50:50, £379

Verysmart 50:50, £379

After a successful first season in the UK, Verycook launches its new outdoor dining accessories to complement its unique and colourful, gas plancha grills. Popular in France, the home of gourmet dining, the plancha grill comes in ten colours with a choice of three cooking surfaces. It’s the perfect, healthier way to cook any style of food outdoors.

10 Exciting and Beautiful Colours – Verycook Plancha Grill

Barbecue traditionalists can stay safe with Stainless Steel but with so many colours to choose from, Verycook has a colour that will appeal to you whether you’re an urbanite or country-phile. Several of its colours reflect the 2015 spring colours that blend and contrast with this year’s earthy Pantone of the Year, Marsala. As soon as the sun is out, the gas plancha can be ready to cook within a few minutes of pressing its ignition. There’s no need to use oil, and its sloping top channels excess fat away from the food into a purpose built drip tray, making cooking ‘a la plancha’ perfect for those who prefer a healthier style of cooking. Easy to clean, choose from rolled, enamelled or stainless steel cooking surfaces. Verycook Plancha Grill priced from £289.00 to £419,00 dependent upon which cooking surface is selected

Family Favourite – Verypizz’ Pizza Oven

Developed at the end of 2014, the Verypizz’ pizza oven debuts in the UK this season and will keep little cooks as well as big cooks entertained. Create your own pizzas or bake within the stainless steel cavern which simply sits on top of your plancha grill. Complete with a ceramic pizza stone and temperature gauge, use the plancha’s burners control the temperature. Verypizz’ accessory priced from £159.00


NEW Verysmart 50:50 Plancha Grill

The Verysmart 50:50 enables you to cook ‘a la plancha’ over gas on one half of your grill whilst using the other half as a traditional barbecue grilling over charcoal. This is perfect for dishes where the meat may require a more traditional barbecue flavour from cooking over coals or charcoal, whilst you may choose to stir fry vegetables and noodles as an accompaniment on the plancha plate. The separate temperature controls make it easy to vary the heat to manage two very different styles of cooking at one time. There is no limit to your gourmet endeavours with the Verysmart 50:50. Available in 10 colours. Verysmart 50:50 Plancha Grill priced from £379.00 (+£20 for the stainless steel coating).

The NEW Verygrill (£199)accessory fits onto your gas plancha and enables you to create a more traditional barbecue grilling over charcoal. Simply remove your plancha grill plate, plug in the grill, and place your charcoal under the grill.

• Fast – Cooking with charcoal or coals usually means additional planning to make sure the fuel is hot enough to cook. Verygrill makes it easier to cook with hard fuel; use the express ignition to light the gas and rapidly heat your fuel so that you’re ready to cook within a few minutes.
• Flexible – Use the two adjustable grill heights to cook slowly or seal food quickly.
• Easy to clean – the gas burners are completely protected from the charcoal and ash, and the two dishwasher safe ash trays ensure embers are easy to dispense and clean.

NEW Verywok – Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian – a world of cuisine makes the Wok your Oyster! Rediscover the delights of Asiatic cookery with the NEW Verywok accessory.
• BBQ finesse – for more delicate dishes such as aromatic stir frys using more exotic spices such as lemon grass, ginger and tamarind simply swap the plancha grill plate for the Verywok. The professional round-bottom Wok sits steadily in direct contact with flames to ensure optimal heat distribution. The Verywok benefits from the heating power of the plancha grill and is built from durable stainless steel.
• Clever thinking – either side of the Wok are two removable steaming trays that allow you to put food aside and keep them warm whilst continuing to work the Wok.

Verywok priced £199 (includes Verywok base, wok and
2 steaming trays. Available in 9 colours, excludes Verynox.)

NEW Verycook Lid

Many cooks now recognise the benefit of keeping a lid down on the barbecue to channel indirect heat around the food to evenly cook without burning. The Verycook Lid allows you to braise and bake and enjoy new recipes; turn down the temperature to slow cook succulent food, or use the surrounding heat to indirectly cook more delicate food. The Verycook Lid also protects the plancha grill against bad weather, especially the cooking surface and the grease drip tray. You will also avoid splashes of grease when cooking fatty food.

Verycook Lid priced from £115.00 (available in 9 colours, excludes Verynox)

Where to buy?

The entire Verycook range is available online at A full list of accessories is also available to view online.

Verysmart 50:50, £379

Verysmart 50:50, £379

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