Vikings Season 3. Ragnar Lodbrok And Prophecies Throughout History

Vikings Season 3. Ragnar Lodbrok And Prophecies Throughout History
Isabel del Rio
Vikings Season 3. Ragnar Lodbrok And Prophecies Throughout History

Ragnar Lodbrok (Travis Fimmel). Vikings History Channel

Vikings Season 3. Ragnar Lodbrok, Lagertha, kings and earls… Everybody believes in prophecies in this ‘wild’ world of warriors and beautiful princesses. Thus, The Seer (actor John Kavanagh) and his visions are absolutely important for the development of the plot.

However, Ragnar Lodbrok (actor Travis Fimmel) was not alone in believing in prophecies and visionaries throughout history.

Ten famous people who believed in prophecies:

1.- Alexander the Great marched with 40,000 warriors from Macedon to visit the Oracle at Delphi before invading Persia. Pythia, the pythoness, spoke imprecisely (“If you cross the river, a great empire will be destroyed”), and Alexander was so dissatisfied with the vague statement about the campaign he was about to start, that in a fit of temper he entered the adyton and dragged Pythia by the hair out of her sanctuary until he obtained the favorable advice he wanted.

2.- How about Julius Caesar? He never undertook a campaign without consulting the oracles.

3.- With Christianization, tradition of consultation sibyls and oracles were lost in part. But Emperor Constantine only converted to Christianity because the symbol of the cross on his banner made him win the battle against his rival Maxentius.

Vikings Season 3. Ragnar Lodbrok And Prophecies Throughout History

Vikings History Channel

4.- They were superstitious in the Middle Ages. But the Renaissance did not change the habit because The Prophecies of Malachi, published in 1595 and in 1690, were an absolutely bestseller of the time.

5.- Before undertaking a campaign, Napoleon Bonaparte asked for advice to a famous clairvoyant, Madame Normand.

6.- The Nazis sought the Holy Grail (Spielberg films are not pure invention).

7.- And Patton (US Army General during WWII) thought that he was Alexander the Great reincarnation.

8.- Superstition during World War II was not strange. The Prime Minister of England. Winston Churchill, carried his “stick of good luck” and rarely failed to hit a black cat that went on the step.

9.- When she was Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi did not take important decisions without first consulting a personal guru.

10.- It is said that the faith of Nancy Reagan, wife of the US president, in horoscopes (astrologer Joan Quigley) and its influence on the programs of President was very large.

And you? How about you? Do you believe in prophecies? Tell us your opinion.

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Isabel del Rio

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