Castle Season 7. Rick, Esposito And Ryan Look Good! Great Boys!

Castle Season 7. Rick, Esposito And Ryan Look Good! Great Boys!
Castle Season 7. Rick, Esposito And Ryan Look Good! Great Boys!

Rick, Esposito And Ryan. Castle ABC

Castle Season 7. Rick, Esposito and Ryan look good! Great boys!

Castle Season 7. Best-selling author Richard Castle, and Detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan look good! What’s the secret? Maybe that actors Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever love their characters. Don’t you think so? Then, listen to them.

“I want my job to include a little adventure, a little more of a heightened reality than what I’m actually living. And ‘Castle’ has that. He gets this opportunity to tail these homicide detectives, and he’s driven by that. He’s a little immature, but he’s obviously loving life.” Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle.)

“One of my favorite things about ‘Castle’ is the fact our writers and producers are so collaborative. They allow us to bring in ideas, and they try to make them happen for us.” Jon Huertas (Detective Javier Esposito.)

“I used to love stage above all, but that was when I was a single man. As I get older, the time commitment gets harder for theatre.” Seamus Dever (Detective Kevin Ryan.)

Anyway, Nathan Fillion specifies: “I told myself a while back, ‘Love what you do, but don’t fall in love with what you do.’ That way you won’t be brokenhearted if ever it gets canceled five episodes in – which has happened to me.” Because love is prudence too.

“In all my characters, I try to find an iota of myself, and in Castle, I found a lot. He gets away with a lot, so that’s fun.” Nathan Fillion.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you! Castle Season 7 rock!

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