Robert Pattinson Is An Active Philanthropist

Robert Pattinson Is An Active Philanthropist
Robert Pattinson Is An Active Philanthropist

Robert Pattinson in ‘Life’

Actor Robert Pattinson rocks! He is full of projects: ‘Queen of the Desert’ by Werner Herzog was screened in the main competition section of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival and had its premiere on 6 February 2015. ‘Life’ by by Anton Corbijn premiered at Berlinale Special Gala at the Zoo Palast on February 9, 2015. And filming of ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ will continue till February 21, 2015 in Budapest. The movie is an historical mystery drama film, directed by Brady Corbet.

But Robert Pattinson is not only a great actor. He is also an active philanthropist and we should appreciate people who fight for a better world.
Robert Pattinson is a supporter of ECPAT(End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes), and of Parents and Abducted Children Together (PACT). In fact in 2010, he donated his own artwork to PACT which auctioned on eBay, to help the organization working for missing children.

Furthermore, he raised $80,000 for the GO Campaign (a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and funds to help orphans and vulnerable children throughout the world) by donating a meet and greet with himself on the set of Breaking Dawn and later again by auctioning the private screening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

He is also a member of International Medical Corps and has promoted and shared details about cancer through Public service announcements to raise awareness about the disease.

And in May 2014, he donated his bike for an Auction to Benefit the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), who provide primary healthcare services to the people living in the outback.

Great boy!

“This thing with everyone knowing you, it’s weird, because people have this one-sided relationship where they look at your picture and feel they know you more than someone they actually know. I don’t really know myself that well.” Robert Pattinson.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you!

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  • Guest

    While I think it’s fab to support these causes, I find it offensive that he can be an ‘ambassador’

  • Kirsty Terry

    While I think it’s fab that he supports these causes, I find it offensive that he is happy to endorse his associate’s pornographic stage shows while at the same time acting as an ambassador for ECPAT. It is well researched that exposure to these kinds of media makes children much.more vulnerable to abuse and become victims of pornography themselves. I would seriously be questioning his commitment to.the cause if I were ECPAT.

    • Guest

      So your argument is that Rob shouldn’t use his celebrity and financial resources to support ECPAT because his girlfriend does sensual stage shows that are geared towards **adults** as part of performances that are not pornographic and are completely independent of Rob? Do get over yourself. If philanthropists chose to take your point of view charitable acts that benefit humanity would be and far between.

      • Guest

        I get your point, I think it’s good that he supports this but I personally find it conflicting that he thinks this kind of behaviour is ok (which let’s face it, she isn’t the only one-it’s everywhere!), while trying to stop child pornography etc. And please don’t attack me, I am just saying my opinion. Happy for debate though! 🙂

        • Guest

          Her behavior has nothing to due with Rob’s charitable endeavors. Stop trying to stir the pot when there is nothing in it to stir. Just be glad that he’s using his time, money and resources for a good cause.

          • Guest

            Fair enough. Am not going to argue. Just saying!

        • Nubbin

          twigs has not performed any sex acts in her shows, and she certainly hasn’t included anything even approaching child porn either. It’s strange and sort of awful to suggest otherwise.

      • Guest

        Also they are not dependent of Rob as he actively goes to.her shows!

        • Guest

          So what. Rob goes to her shows to morally support his girlfriend and there is nothing wrong with that. Twigs’ shows are in no way pornographic so your sanctimonious attitude appears misguided at best and hateful at its worst. His involvement with Twigs in no way takes away from his ability to use his celebrity to aid ECPAT’s cause.

          • Guest

            In my opinion it is, but that is my opinion.

          • Guest

            I am sure that ECPAT would rather have Rob’s checks than your opinion.

          • Guest

            Yep probably

        • ali

          This is the comment that gives you away. You obviously belong to ‘THE FANDOM’ or you wouldn’t know this and you’re obviously not a fan of Rob’s . ICU krisbian

          • Kirsty Terry

            What??! The comment that gives me away?! Gives me away doing what??! I’m.not trying to do anything or belong to any sort of ‘fandom’! I like Rob and to be fair it is hard to miss what he does as it’s all over the media. How weird!

    • ali

      Her stage shows are not pornographic as well you know And she is his girlfriend not his associate. So as an obvious bitter Kristen Stewart fan you should be adressing your hate towards the way she advertised to young girls during her very public scandal in july 2012 that the way to ‘get on’ in the world is to sleep with your bosses. Her actions were also partially to blame in wrecking a home. Yet she spouts about feminism in her interviews.
      It’s time you stopped hating on Rob and his girl just because he killed off your fantasy. Time to grow up .Or am I mistaken and maybe you’re one of the disgusting people who bombarded FKA Twigs with racial hatred once you realised that he was dating her.

      • Guest

        Sorry???! Nothing to do with Kristen Stewart at all. My opinion is just my opinion! I am an advocate for children that’s all and while Fka twigs is not to my taste I have never posted anything offensive on twitter! What a bizarre virtual world this is!

        • Guest

          Good on you that you’re an advocate for children. That has nothing to do with FKA Twigs. If you don’t like her that’s your right but apply that her, not Rob. No good deed goes unpunished. SMH.

          • Guest

            hmm maybe, Wish I never commented now! Wow, the attacks!!

          • ali

            No attacks just people calling you out

          • Kirsty Terry

            Calling me out doing what, having an opinion??!

          • Kingston

            It’s not an opinion, it’s a lie. We all know the definition of pornographic, and nothing she does even approaches it.

            You are a bitter little person with a sad agenda and it’s frankly disgusting. Move on, Rob has.

          • Kay

            Your argument is illogical and quite offensive. Disagreeing with your posts isn’t attacking you. It’s disagreeing with you. If you wish you hadn’t commented, maybe you shouldn’t have.

        • ali

          LOL you’re very aware of Rob’s gf but not a fan of his or FKA Twigs clearly. Guess that left one option. It is a bizarre virtual world indeed when bitter people try so hard to bring good people down . You forget your name is seen elsewhere

          • Kirsty Terry

            I am a ‘fan’ if you want to.call it that, of his. Erm not worried at all where you.saw my name cos I’ve got nothing to hide! You’re making much.more out of this from one opinion I made!

      • Just the Facts

        Jeez, ya know then Preisdent of the US Bill Clinton had his dick sucked while married and in the white house by Monica Lewensky. That was NOT dwelled on for 2+ years though after the incident happened. Give it up and stop throwing the 2012 scandal out there every chance you get. how about you look at it from a different perspective. First, they were not married so it should not have been such a big a deal as everyone was making it out to be. It would have been totally different if they were married (or as in Bill Clinton’s case, he was married and president…that is a BIG deal). How about with a man or a woman, when either strays to have an affair it is because they are not satisfied by their current lover in bed. They are bored, not happy, etc with their partner. Hence, Rob was NOT satisfying her in bed so she looked elsewhere!!! Simple as that. He forgave her, worked on his issues, but in the end, he still could not satisfy her in bed so they broke up anyway. So that was not KS fault that she had the affair, it was Rob’s fault for being a disappointment in bed!

        And Twugly is ridiculous. During her concerts, you think its okay to grab her bass guitar’s crotch during a performance? Or how about sticking her fingers in the mouth of a concert goer and then taking those same fingers and sticking them in her own mouth (I’ve actually seen the videos of this that other concert goers videoed and shared)? thats okay? that is the image you want standing beside Rob while he supports ECPAT? Doesn’t matter if she is his g/f or not, thats not the image anyone in a public position should want standing by him while supporting ECPAT.

        • Kingston

          You are pathetic. Kristen Stewart had an affair with a married man. Period. No excuses you come up with are going to change the facts. She knew he was married, she knew Liberty and the 2 kids and it didn’t stop her. Rupert is a loser and so is Kristen. No moral compass and sure no “feminist” sisterhood, the way Ruth is trying to whitewash her now. No one is fooled.

        • Guest

          I would have given you credit for your point about Clinton and his affair fading into oblivion if you had left it at that, but the rest of your comment shows that you are just another butt hurt Kristen fan showing his/her true colors. I do not understand why so many of her fans refuse to call a spade a spade. A cheater is a cheater and there is no excuse for that sort of betrayal,
          period. Married or not, if someone is in a committed relationship and does what Kristen did it *is* cheating.

          If she was so unhappy with Rob she should have left him and moved
          on instead of being caught carrying on with a married man on the side of the road like a streetwalker. It is what it is. He can’t be that bad in bed because she was determined to keep him; she went crying to People magazine about how much she loved him and how sorry she was in an attempt save her relationship.

          It’s disgusting that you would attempt to excuse her actions with such an abominable, distasteful comment. Your references to Twigs’ performances are irrelevant since she has no affiliation with ECPAT. Bringing her at up shows your hand. Stop trying to detract from Rob’s good deeds with your hateful drivel.

          • Guest

            Another narrow minded perfect person, making comments on something they read.Unless you were in the relationship, you know nothing about it. Take up a hobby and get your small mind on something else. I think you were talking about yourself, when you mentioned hateful drivel,your full of it.

          • Lovin Life

            Another Kristen fan stalking Rob’s page to make excuses for Kristen’s behavior. If Kristen was innocent she wouldn’t have apologized in front of the world and if it wasn’t a legit apology for her actions her legal team would have forced a retraction and an apology. That’s enough for me. If you can’t see what’s in front of you then you are choosing to ignore the facts so it appears that you are the narrow minded one here. It’s not hate when it’s the truth. You claim that no one knows anything about the relationship unless they were in it, but I notice that you didn’t comment on the above poster who claimed that Rob was bad in bed and that’s why she cheated. You are showing your hypocrisy, but that’s what Kristen’s fans do. Seems to me that you are the one that’s full of it.

        • ali

          To anybody with two eyes to see it’s clear her episode with sanders was to do with getting a leading role in a sequel to swath. It was never her intention to get caught. She didn’t want to lose Rob. She was just playing casting couch but in a minicooper. A few days layer she’s papped in some sort of situation in a parking lot with Nick Cassavettes showing him her lower abdomen for some reason Right at the time when she was hoping for a part in Lie down in darkness Yuk. The girl’s a player.

    • Kingston

      Let’s start with the the lie that his girlfriend’s act is pornographic. You clutch at those pearls, sister, but you don’t fool anyone.

      She’s done nothing wrong or to be ashamed of or that would contribute to making anyone vulnerable.

      I don’t see you in the comments sections complaining about Miley who actually performs sex acts on stage, or Madonna, or Gaga or Nikki Manji or Iggy or anyone who you have a legitimate right to complain about.

      You’ve just trumped up these false charges to try and drag Twigs down to KStew’s level. Too bad it will never work. She’s not a liar and proven cheat and she probably never will be. She’s shown more integrity than that so far.

      • Guest

        There is a bit of time difference in the relationships, Twigs has only been around for a few months.See what is happening in 5 years. You forgot to mention Rob & K Stew were being paid for there relationship. BOTH of them STUFFED UP. Then he put on a good act, to try and get us to believe him. What about all the gossip about him and Kate Perry? The media will write anything to sell their magazine.You would appear to have nothing to do but read and spread their rubbish.

        • Lovin Life

          Rob and Kristen “are being paid for his relationship” with Twigs??!!! Based on that comment alone I guess you also believe that Rob and Twigs’ relationship is an “act” to cover up the “plan” to hide and protect Rob and Kristen’s secret marriage and baby? No one believes that delusional nonsense but HKNs’ minions and their ilk. That explains your comments and now you can’t be taken seriously. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Guest

            You cant read.It was printed for all to see,They received 19 million each,to act as a couple.Where did I mention Secret or marriage or baby?As for Rob and Porno Twigs.He is supposed to support abused children and women who are raped. His current girlfriend when on stage dose not leave any thing to the imagination.The sort of attire encourages and leads men on. It make’s him a hypocrite,supporting one cause,while ignoring it for his own self faction.

    • Eleanor

      Well researched by whom? This is as ludacrous a statement as saying a child growing up with gay parents will become gay.

  • Kingston

    Rob has also supported cancer charities in the UK and other charitable organizations like the World Wildlife Fund. His big heart and generosity are well known.

    I find it offensive that fans of his ex come here and lie in the comments section. It’s low and despicable that they choose to push their hateful and deceitful agenda on an article about charity, but then, what do you expect from people like that?

  • raps_od

    I think it’s admirable that anyone stands up against child pornography, child abduction, and sexual slavery. Bravo, Mr. Pattinson, for making efforts to do something great with your celebrity. As for all the rest in the commentary, I refuse to comment. Just as we all are, he is responsible for his behavior solely, which has been exemplary as the article explains.

  • Bluestar

    I’m so pleased to hear about the charities he supports. It’s so important to get celebrity endorsements that bring more awareness. He’s a genuine good hearted man. Since he doesn’t talk about his personal life, how can one presume to know how he thinks or feels about anything unless he say it himself? In the meantime, I’m glad to hear positive commentary. Good for you, Rob!


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