Navman Wireless Launches Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Camera Technology To Protect UK Businesses From Increasing Risks

Navman Wireless Launches Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Camera Technology To Protect UK Businesses From Increasing Risks
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360 degree safety solution for drivers

360 degree safety solution for drivers

UK businesses’ exposure to vehicle collision and compensation costs could increase, according to vehicle tracking specialist Navman Wireless, who are launching a new integrated vehicle tracking and camera technology solution to help customers manage the full spectrum of risks facing their organisations.

Navman Wireless’ ‘360 Degree’ fleet safety solution, which integrates telematics, vehicle tracking technology and in-cab safety camera equipment, is designed to improve road safety, reduce insurance costs and enhance duty of care. According toNavman Wireless,the combination of the two systems creates a ‘seamless umbrella of preventive and protective technology.’

“Prevention is better than cure, and using data from telematics and vehicle tracking software to help mitigate poor driving significantly reduces on-road risk, but when you are on the road you need 360 degrees of protection,” said Scott Hutchins, VP sales UK & Ireland, Navman Wireless. Britain currently has one of the best road safety records in the world, but the rise of ‘crash for cash’ insurance scams and forthcoming increased speed limit for lorries, for example, is expected to increase the risk to those UK businesses that operate commercial fleets.

Navman Wireless describe the in-cab safety camera equipment, supplied by Smart Witness, as a ‘safety net.’“It’s a last line of defence for drivers and fleet businesses in those unfortunate circumstances beyond their control,” Hutchins said. “It’s about prevention and protection. Telematics technology is integral to a successful preventive safety strategy because it can be effectively utilised to assess drivers and ensure safety and quality. The introduction of in cab camera technology not only protects the driver and business from ‘not at fault claims,’ but also enables us to offer a complete proactive and preventative solution, that has the potential to deliver measurable improvements in terms of accident and cost reduction.

Paul Singh, CEO, Y3K Group (Smart Witness) said: “We are very excited to have Navman’s industry leading solutions now available together with our award winning range of Smart Witness cameras, the combination of the 2 provides an excellent all round solution for fleets of all sizes, helping business owners proactively combat the risks on today’s roads”

Navman Wireless is a global leader in GPS-based fleet optimisation products and services, including real-time vehicle tracking and analytics delivered under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that enable companies to track, monitor and communicate with their movable and fixed equipment assets. The company’s technology currently monitors more than 220,000 vehicles owned by over 17,000 organizations worldwide, making Navman Wireless one of the world’s largest fleet management providers with coverage on five continents.

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