Switzerland in Top Ten Countries for Low Taxes, Interdean Responds

Switzerland in Top Ten Countries for Low Taxes, Interdean Responds
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Switzerland in Top Ten Countries for Low Taxes, Interdean Responds

swiss currency

swiss currency

There are many factors that go into making Switzerland an attractive country to relocate to, and now a new study has shown that it’s the tenth best nation to live for low taxes. Interdean responds to the report.

Switzerland has been named as the tenth best country for expats to live for low taxes. A new report revealed the figure, and it was decided by a range of criteria. Tax burden on individuals, quality of life, the country’s legal and physical security, quality of the country’s economic investment programmes and its geographical location were the five factors taken into consideration, and Switzerland managed to perform admirably in all of them, marking it out as a top location to move to.

The report was conceived out of the need to highlight the countries “where it is interesting to establish a physical and tax residence” because they “impose neutral or low tax rates on individuals”. Other countries that ranked well in the report include Bulgaria, Andorra, Mauritius and Guernsey.

Interdean, an international relocation company that specialises in helping people move abroad, took a keen interest in the story. A spokesperson was able to provide this statement: “It’s long been acknowledged that Switzerland is a good country to move to if you want to enjoy the benefits of lower taxes, but now this report proves it for certain.

“The study was pieced together to try and establish the best places for expats to relocate to if they want to experience lower tax rates, and now you can see that Switzerland compares very well to other countries. It also performed well in other aspects such as quality of life, which marks Switzerland out as a superb country to move to.
“If you’re interested in making the most out of the low tax rates for expats and are intrigued by moving there, contact a member of Interdean today. We’re experts at helping people to relocate overseas and can assist them with a variety of things, taking the stress and hassle out of the move. Let Inderdean Interdean help you today.”

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Interdean helps families, expats, backpackers, travellers and students move overseas. Established in 1958, Interdean provides moving, storage, shipping air freight, excess baggage, visa and immigration, and full relocation services to worldwide destinations. Interdean is FIDI FAIM PLUS accredited and has over 123 offices worldwide.
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