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LoveBites Set to Get Pulses Racing for 2015

LoveBites Set to Get Pulses Racing for 2015
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LoveBites Set to Get Pulses Racing for 2015

LoveBites Creative Canapes

LoveBites Creative Canapes

Ditch the Dinner Party…the LoveBites Revival of the Canapé Offers a fabulous alternative to sit down suppers!

Cheltenham, 17th December 2014 — Hospitality, like fashion follows trends but often the best ideas are based on modern twists of the classics and whilst canapés have been the staple welcome to the best dinner parties they now take centre stage. There is a shift away from traditional supper parties and an innovative canapé tasting menu is driving this new concept and is looking to be one of the top food trends for 2015.

According to any cultures food can be shrunk to Hors D’oeuvres size, it’s fun because you can sample a lot of different yet familiar foods and it’s easy for grazing, another food trend, rather than eating just one full sized meal.

Who Are LoveBites?

LoveBites specialises in crafting fresh, quirky and beautifully creative canapés for special occasions, private parties, weddings and corporate events.

Forget curried prawn vol au vents, salmon pinwheels and Welsh rarebit encroute, the humble little edible has transformed into a dramatic showstopper! The visual spectacle, taste explosion and delicate craft of today’s canapés means every guest can experience the finest foods in a relaxed yet stimulating way.

Creators of LoveBites

Leaping to the front of the stage are Rachel Thursfield and Kelly Bailey with their canapé creations under the auspicious title of LoveBites Formed from a love of food and dread of the dreary, Rachel and Kelly have created delicious locally sourced and fresh mini mouthfuls which are delighting diners with a wow!

Rachel Thursfield, director at LoveBites commented: “Canapés are now injecting a sense of fun, theatre and drama into the ultimate ‘food experience’ which allows any budding host to reflect their individual personality and style. We are finding more and more that people are really enjoying the opportunity to have a beautiful menu designed around their theme and because of that we are constantly coming up with new and exciting bites. Recently we did a product launch and the colours were green and shocking pink, Kelly Bailey, creative director at LoveBites created a wasabi caviar and beetroot crème fraiche on an edible spoon with iced vodka shots, it was stunning!”

LoveBites has had rapid growth with a wide range of clients including some high profile corporate such as Mercedes Benz. Adam Khodabaccus, New Car Sales Manager for Mercedes Benz, Cheltenham & Gloucester stated: “The evening couldn’t have gone any better, it was a roaring success and we had great feedback from our customers that the canapés were out of this world and were flowing plentifully.”

Every menu is bespoke, freshly prepared and designed to enhance each party and enthral guests and this is the secret of their success – an innate ability to design delectable and mouth-watering canapés and create an imaginative and memorable event. They will even pair your individual menu with recommended cocktails using experienced mixologist to ensure a taste explosion. For more information or to book an event consultation visit

How we wow….!

While their dishes include edible cutlery, molecular gastronomy and pipette injectors (so you can choose how much salted caramel you want in that rich, dark chocolate torte) ultimately taste is key and dishes that don’t pack a punch in that department won’t make it to the table. Once the combination of ingredients has been fine-tuned the presentation is focused on and for that the softest of touches is required. With an eye for the spectacular LoveBites guarantees that every mini mouthful has been through a rigorous process before it appears on an array of unique and illuminated platters.

Katherine Hughes Store Manager, Mandarin Stone, Cheltenham commented: “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a lovely evening and wonderful introduction to LoveBites. Beautifully presented of course, with the difference being that each mouthful oozed that rare combination of intense and subtle flavours that simply melted in the mouth.”

Canapés to Dine for…

With a strong friendship spanning over many years and love of food as the base, Rachel and Kelly formed LoveBites to shake up the hospitality industry by injecting colour, taste and life into a world where canapés were seen as a bland pre-dinner accompaniment. LoveBites gives a real alternative to the sit down dinner party meal by offering a bespoke 14 canapé tasting menu where guests are treated to a selection of dishes. These are offered in order therefore following the expectation of starter, fish course, refresher, main course finishing with a flourish of desserts and these can be presented with wines to match. Taking the pressure away from the host this form of dining can please every palate including vegetarian, gluten free and the most discerning of guests.

Alternatively a smaller selection can set off a more casual meeting of friends with the canapés ensuring to keep tongues wagging. If you really want to shout it from the roof tops and have a product launch that needs the perfect partner then LoveBites can make sure you won’t be let down…

The canapé…. By definition…. A LoveBite

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