SynApps Launches the Clinical Content Store – An Image-Enabled, Information-Rich Electronic Patient Record

SynApps Launches the Clinical Content Store – An Image-Enabled, Information-Rich Electronic Patient Record
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SynApps Launches the Clinical Content Store – An Image-Enabled, Information-Rich Electronic Patient Record

SynApps Solutions

SynApps Solutions

UK healthcare providers can finally move beyond the traditional EPR, combining the best of new and old in one central, secure and easily searchable repository

Maidenhead, UK – December 15, 2014 – SynApps Solutions, the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions leader, has launched the Clinical Content Store (CCS), a next-generation data management system for digital patient record keeping.

The Store can hold all of a hospital’s medical images, including medical photography, as well as a wide range of other vital patient information too often locked away in niche departmental systems or in a read-only legacy system formats, as well as all the unstructured data that a true EPR (electronic patient record) demands.

The Store will also improve the sharing of information across the whole care pathway in or out of the hospital, a task made more challenging by the large number of hospital IT or PACS systems in the NHS that are too complex and expensive to maintain and which serve to place limits on viewing and sharing information.

The Store also comes on-stream at a time when former National Programme for IT (NPfIT) radiology and PACS outsourcing contracts finally wind down, forcing Chief Clinical Information Officers to find new image storage solutions in a context of financial constraint. A proven response to these challenges is the consolidation of PACS silos into one Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), which is at the heart of the new SynApps product, but the Clinical Content Store is also a powerful data repository for all clinical and patient data, both structured and unstructured.

“We’re excited about Clinical Content Store as early customers in the NHS tell us it’s a fantastic place to start building powerful consolidated data repositories for all clinical and patient data,” commented Tony Backhouse, Business Development Manager – Healthcare Division for the company.
“These NHS customers also tell us they’re seeing a 70% reduction in the costs of keeping all their data in multiple systems when they’ve started using the CCS, with one institution already estimating is going to save at least £1m per annum by not having to directly work with legacy systems anymore,” added Backhouse.

Please – take advantage of the seminar on Thursday 29th January at 12.30pm at the London Chamber of Commerce, EC4R 1AR, and find out more about the Clinical Content Store and how it can help you meet your EPR challenge.

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