GeoTenerife Earth Science 2015 internships announced

GeoTenerife Earth Science 2015 internships announced
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GeoTenerife Earth Science 2015 internships announced

2014 interns working on Mount Teide

2014 interns working on Mount Teide

Following the success of its inaugural internship schemes this year, UK-based GeoTenerife today announces a range of internships for 2015 summer, in conjunction with the Canarian Volcanological Institute (INVOLCAN).

GeoTenerife coordinates internships and bespoke educational field trips to Tenerife to study the local wildlife and geography in a wide range of scientific fields. It also provides expert lecturers and guides.

The island is particularly suited to Earth Sciences as the world’s third largest volcano, Mount Teide, towers over it.

Sharon Backhouse, Director of GeoTenerife, said, “It’s natural to associate Tenerife with sun, sea and hotels, but it also has considerable educational potential, particularly in the area of volcanology.

“We’re delighted to be working with leading research organisation INVOLCAN, who share our passion for investing in tomorrow’s earth scientists.

“These internships allow students to get up close and personal with science in a way that enthuses them and gives them a unique insight into the natural sciences, whether it be volcanology, geology or environmental science.

“We know that demand is very strong so potential participants are recommended to register their interest as soon as possible.”

“The scientists at the Institute are brilliant, friendly and helpful, and make the internships an inspiring and formative experience for many students.”

Intended for post and undergraduate Earth Sciences students from British universities, there are six schemes on offer in the Canary Islands, each with space for two students.

From June 5 to July 3 there will be trips to Cumbre Vieja volcano, La Palma and the Tenerife north-eastern volcano rift zone.

Trips to El Hierro volcano and Teide volcano summit cone and Tenerife north-western volcano rift zone and Teide volcano summit cone will take place from July 3 to July 31.

Finally, from July 31 to August 28 students can work on the Tenerife N-S volcano rift zone or conduct Environmental Research in Tenerife.

Dr Nemesio Perez, Coordinator of INVOLCAN, explained why they chose to offer the internships:

“The whole point is to help young students to make a start in their chosen field, not just use them to carry out meaningless, menial tasks, which so often is the case on so-called work experience or internship schemes.

“In the internship the students will see the whole process – from taking samples out in the field, to testing in the lab and finally writing it up and publishing the results.”

While working closely with scientists from INVOLCAN, the interns will contribute to research papers of the highest standard.

For example, research conducted by six British internship students this year will be used in publications revealed at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna in April 2015.

The cost of the internships is £980 plus VAT and all students organise their own travel to the Canary Islands.

On the summit of Teide

On the summit of Teide

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