White Collar Season 6. Matt Bomer Ends A Project. From ‘All is Fair’ To ‘Au Revoir’

White Collar Season 6. Matt Bomer Ends A Project. From ‘All is Fair’ To ‘Au Revoir’
Ignacio Zara

White Collar season 6. Only three episodes for the finale: ‘All is Fair,’ ‘Whack a Mole,’ and ‘Au Revoir.’ How about Neal Caffrey’s destiny? How about his freedom? Because he deserves the very best!

White Collar Season 6. Matt Bomer Ends A Project. From ‘All is Fair’ To ‘Au Revoir’

Actors Laura Ramsey and Matt Bomer in White Collar Season 6

Actor Matt Bomer plays the role as Neal Caffrey, a highly intelligent and multi-talented con artist working as Peter Burke’s criminal informant, who is a FBI Special Agent.
Neal Caffrey is sexy, friendly and sympathetic in spite of his hard life. In fact, during successive seasons, Neal has lost everything: money, love and above all, freedom. The FBI has deceived him again and again, and he remains working under its tyrannical orders. However, Neal has not lost hope, and he is planning a better future with Mozzie. But what kind of future?

White Collar Season 6. Matt Bomer Ends A Project. From ‘All is Fair’ To ‘Au Revoir’

White Collar Season 6. Kepler and Neal Caffrey

Spoiler alert: According to the episode titles, we can draw some conclusions. ‘All is Fair’ is speaking about something happy, and maybe the FBI will fulfill its promises for once, freeing Neal when he gives the Panthers to the justice.

‘Whack a Mole’ denotes a repetitious and futile task. In the game, each time an adversary is ‘whacked’, and it only pops up again somewhere else. Of course, the title speaks about Keller and Neal old rivality. Neal needs to get rid of his enemy! Past is past!

Thus, in ‘Au Revoir,’ Neal can say goodbye to his old life and start a new one. Alone? He needs a girlfriend, and Amy (actress Laura Ramsey) would be a perfect one. Don’t you love her? She is beautiful, chic, sweet, and nice. We’ll see if Neal and Amy get on well in the next episodes!

Matt Bomer and Laura Ramsey would be a lovely couple! What do you think?

White Collar Season 6. Matt Bomer Ends A Project. From ‘All is Fair’ To ‘Au Revoir’

White Collar TV Show. Poster

**Laura Ramsey (born November 14, 1982) is an American actress best known for her roles as Olivia in She’s the Man, Stacy in the film The Ruins, Audrey Dawn in the movie Middle Men, and as Ellie O’Hara in 2011 Kill the Irishman. She has appeared in the last episode of White Collar, titled ‘Uncontrolled Variables.’ Neal Caffrey loves her!

**White Collar season 6 will be its final one and will consist of six episodes. We are definitely going to miss this show and seeing Matt on our television screens! Don’t you think so?

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  • Therese Sarret

    Dear lord, how old are you to ask a such question? Laura and Matt are ACTORS ! Matt is GAY in real life and happily married to his lovely husband,together for almost 7 years ! Parents of 3 childs ! Apparently fantaisies of fangirls are not just on Twitter or Facebook,all across the web! Sincerely yours! ;-)))

  • Bonnie Maynes

    The series shouldn’t end. I hope Neal, Mozzie, Peter and El have happy endings.

Ignacio Zara

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