‘Hell On Wheels’ Season 4. Killing Great Actresses And Actors. Bad Idea!

‘Hell On Wheels’ Season 4. Killing Great Actresses And Actors. Bad Idea!
Isabel del Rio

‘Hell On Wheels’ Season 4 Episode 12 ‘Thirteen Steps.’ Another great actress is killing and then, she disappears from the series. What a bad idea!

‘Hell On Wheels’ Season 4. Killing Great Actresses And Actors. Bad Idea!

Hell on Wheels season 4. Ruth Cole

From the beginning, ‘Hell on Wheels’ TV show has been killing its best actors and actresses. At the end of season 2, they killed Lily Bell (actress Dominique McElligott). I still have doubts about this decision. Dominique McElligott is an extremely beautiful and great actress, a difficult combination, and her loss left an important void in the series. Anyway, Lily Bell’s end was heroic and absolutely lofty. In fact, the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3 are my favorite ‘Hell on Wheels’ moments.

However, season 3 and 4 have lost two important characters played by incredible good actors. Of course, I’m speaking about Elam Ferguson (actor Common) and Ruth Cole (actress Kasha Kropinski). If Elam’s death was sad, rather pathetic, what to say about Ruth Cole’s death in episode 12 ‘Thirteen Steps’? Really disappointing!

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Sweet Ruth Cole, the religious woman of Hell on Wheels, claims to be guilty to mortally shooting Sidney Snow (her son’s murderer), despite a written statement from Cullen Bohannon stating she protected an officer of the law. She is sentenced to hang.

Everything is crazy! Of course, Cullen Bohannon begs Governor Campbell to pardon her, and Campbell offers to do so, if Ruth accepts it…, but she doesn’t. How could she? She is completely upset! Since childhood, the poor woman has only supported violence and frustrated loves (including Bohannon). Sydney Snow, a horrible psychopath, has just burned alive Ezra, her son No words! Because she knows that the real culprit is Governor Campbell, who had hired Sydney. For her, death is a release!

Spoiler alert:

Anyway, why don’t they kill Governor Campbell or The Swede? The characters are also played by great actors Jake Weber and Christopher Heyerdahl, but we hate them. Kill The Swede, please! Kill The Swede for once! It seems that he reappears in the finale, at least we can have some joy!

‘Hell On Wheels’ Season 4. Killing Great Actresses And Actors. Bad Idea!

Hell on Wheels season 4. Ruth Cole and Cullen Bohannon

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  • Fonchy

    I would love to know how much artists pay to have comments like these posted on these forums. While would agree that the way they disposed of the character of Elam may be have left something to be desired, take exception with the “great” actor designation of “Common”.

    Whomever cqan honestly think this guy can even be a lousy actor? If you call great acting, bringing street thuggish, speech and attitude to an 1800’s setttings, then even your knowledge of historical periods ought to be brought under scrutiny. Instead of Common he should have named himself “Rare” because that’s about what his acting ability should be called.

    He’d be better served going back to his roots as a “Rapper” and in that light, I’m glad his character is gone from the series. Doubt that Rap was popular during the era of expansion of the railroads in America.

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  • Alex Smith

    Ruth is not guilty of murder in the first place. The director or whomever went with bad legal advice writing this show in my opinion.

  • rosie1843

    Common has proven to be a much better actor on this show than he used to be.

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