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Slimming just got Slimpler! New Slim Pasta Italian ready meals; more taste, less carbs, less calories

Slimming just got Slimpler! New Slim Pasta Italian ready meals; more taste, less carbs, less calories
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Slimming just got Slimpler! New Slim Pasta Italian ready meals; more taste, less carbs, less calories

Slim Pasta Spaghetti Mediterranea

Slim Pasta Spaghetti Mediterranea

A minute on your lips, a lifetime on your hips? Not with Slim Pasta new Italian ready meals. Containing pasta made from carbohydrate-free pasta and rice alternative, Konjac, you can take time to savour these delicious dishes and they’ll transport you to Italy without depositing the calories on your waist, hips or thighs.

Slim Pasta ready meals are the perfect choice for a delicious and convenient meal when time is at a premium, or you just don’t want to spend time preparing a low calorie, low carb meal at the end of a long day. At well under 500kcals per meal, they make the perfect, fuss-free ‘fast day’ dinners if you are following the 5:2 diet.

The ambient meals are easy to store, and as no chilling is required, they make an easily transportable lunch for the office that can be microwaved in 1 to 3 minutes or heated on the hob. Choose from four new authentic Italian dishes including:

Spaghetti Mediterranea
A medley of Mediterranean vegetables including red and yellow bell peppers, aubergines and courgettes combined with a herby tomato sauce and Slim Pasta spaghetti.
(RRP: £4.99, 119kcals, 350g)

Spaghetti Arrabbiata
Slim Pasta spaghetti enveloped in a delicious Italian style spicy tomato sauce including red bell peppers, onions, garlic, parsley, basil and thyme.
(RRP: £4.99, 144kcals, 350g)

Spaghetti Bolognese
A traditional Bolognese sauce containing beef, carrots, onions and tomatoes has been delicately balanced with basil and oregano, then seasoned and combined with Slim Pasta spaghetti. Slim Pasta Bolognese is also gluten free.
(RRP: £4.49, 259kcals, 350g)

Tagliatelle Mushroom
A light and creamy Emmental cheese and mushroom sauce with garlic and seasoning make this Slim Pasta tagliatelle a dieter’s delight.
(RRP: £4.99, 154kcals, 350g)

How does Slim Pasta cut the carbs?
Slim Pasta ready meals contain spaghetti style pasta made from Konjac. Used in Japan for centuries, this amazing South Asian Konjac plant is Mother Nature’s answer to healthy slimming. Made using Konjac flour, the natural carbohydrate content in Slim Pasta is almost 99% lower than 100g of standard style pasta and cutting calories from a whopping 350kcals to a sylph-like 9kcals.

Slim Pasta has developed its recipe further by blending konjac flour with oat fibre to provide a firm ‘bite’ and look to its pasta, noodle and rice dishes. With all these credentials, it’s not surprising celebrities have become fans of the healthy eating brand too. Ex-Liberty X singer, Michelle Heaton loves to tweet about Slim Pasta, while Danielle O’Hara, Catherine Tyldesley and Michelle Collins and have all been known to enjoy eating Slim Pasta too (see Notes to Editors ‘5’).

Where to buy? NEW Slim Pasta Arrabbiata, Mediterranea, Bolognaise and Tagliatelle are available from January 2015 direct from priced from £4.49. From February 2015, Slim Pasta Arrabbiata, Mediterranea and Tagliatelle will also be available from Holland & Barrett and . The entire range of Slim Pasta ready meals and the original Slim Pasta range of Rice, Noodles, Penne, Lasagne and Spaghetti are available from , and widely available in supermarkets and independent health food stores nationwide (see Notes to Editors ‘4’ for availability).º

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