Witches And The Inquisition. Should We Fear Them?

Witches And The Inquisition. Should We Fear Them?
Isabel del Rio

Witches or Inquisition? Are you afraid of witches? What do you think about The Inquisition?

Witches And The Inquisition. Should We Fear Them?

Examination of a Witch by Thompkins H. Matteson

A witch is a person who practices witchcraft. Normally, the are portrayed as old women, and they have wrinkled skin, pimples, and pointy hats. Don’t you love them?

The Inquisition was and old institution within the judicial system of the Roman Catholic Church. It started in 12th century in France to combat the Cathars and the Waldensians. In the Late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, the concept was considerably expanded in response to the Protestant Reformation, resulting in the Spanish Inquisitionand Portuguese Inquisition… Of course, The Inquisition hated the witches! Poor girls!

Witches And The Inquisition. Should We Fear Them?

Witches by Francisco de Goya

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Inspirational quotes about Witches and The Inquisition:

In the past, men created witches: now they create mental patients. Thomas Szasz.

The human race is a very, very magical race. We have a magic power of witches and wizards. We’re here on this earth to unravel the mystery of this planet. The planet is asking for it. Yoko Ono.

Witches are the kind of more traditional, home and family, craft people – so they’re the ones who are making things; crocheting shawls and things like that. But then they also have that slightly confident, dangerous, edge. I always see them as having very extreme hair, either amazingly beautiful straight hair or kind of wild. Deborah Harkness.

A prisoner in the Inquisition is never allowed to see the face of his accuser, or of the witnesses against him, but every method is taken by threats and tortures, to oblige him to accuse himself, and by that means corroborate their evidence. John Foxe.

Fear of serious injury alone cannot justify oppression of free speech and assembly. Men feared witches and burnt women. It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears. Louis D. Brandeis.

In England we burnt redheads at the stake, because we thought they were witches. There are still young redheads in Britain getting ripped for having red hair. ‘Oy, Ginger!’ Damian Lewis.

The European wars of religion were more deadly than the First World War, proportionally speaking, and in the range of the Second World War in Europe. The Inquisition, the persecution of heretics and infidels and witches, they racked up pretty high death tolls. Steven Pinker.

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  • neat article! and of witches – well, now, it seems that the male populations – mainly the ones in power throughout history – have always been so insecure individually and en masse as to be threatened by those whom they perceive to be at least as – if not more than – intelligent/talented/powerful – as themselves – hence…the paranoia about witches… as for me, well, i drive a car these days – the broomstick a bit chilly in winter –

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