Stana Katic vs Nathan Fillion. Taurus vs Aries. Love compatibility

Stana Katic vs Nathan Fillion. Taurus vs Aries. Love compatibility

Castle stars Stana Katic (Detective Kate Beckett) and Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) are the perfect couple. Why? Today, we are going to study their astrological compatibility.

Stana Katic vs Nathan Fillion. Taurus vs Aries. Love compatibility

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion as Detective Kate Beckett and writer Richard Castle. Castle TV show

Stana Katic was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, on April 26, 1978. Then, she is a Taurus girl.

Nathan Fillion was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on March 27, 1971. Then, he is an Aries boy.

What is the compatibility of a Taurus woman and an Aries man? We’ll see!

Aries (Nathan Fillion) is ruled by the Planet Mars (passion), and Taurus (Stana Katic) is ruled by the Planet Venus (love). Thus, they represent the two necessary halves of a perfect relation. The symbols are universally recognized as masculine (Nathan Fillion) and feminine (Stana Katic. A good balance of energies!

Stana Katic vs Nathan Fillion. Taurus vs Aries. Love compatibility

Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) and Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle). Castle TV show

In fact, this relation is all about balance. Taurus represents a practical but loyal friendship, and Aries the passion. Then, Aries would like to start a quick love affair while Taurus will prefer to go much more slowly. But generally, Aries is subject to Taurus wishes.

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Because Taurus is sensual, patient and tender, and Aries is attracted to these qualities. Aries people like the security that they don’t have. Besides, Taurus likes Aries qualities: the motivating power and decisiveness.

However, Aries is a Fire Sign and Taurus is an Earth Sign. That means that Aries is independent and Taurus needs security and stability. Sometimes, Taurus can be possessive and Aries will be disappointed. But if Aries can assure Taurus that the relation is strong, Taurus can be tolerant and flexible. It’s a question of dialogue!

Definitely, an Aries man and a Taurus woman form an excellent couple, a good mix of masculine and feminine energies. Their complementary personalities and ability to learn from one another make their relation very satisfactory.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you!

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  • Bev Williams

    The picture above of “Castle” and “Beckett” is actually of Nathan with Laura Prepon, who played “Natalie Rhodes”, the actress who would portray “Nikki Heat”. Just FYI.

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