PRYYNT – The Internet’s Print Button

PRYYNT – The Internet’s Print Button
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PRYYNT Launches New In-App Photo Printing Service For Developers

PRYYNT Launches New In-App Photo Printing Service For Developers

PRYYNT Launches New In-App Photo Printing Service For Developers

London tech start-up PRYYNT has today announced its new product – a plug-in to help developers monetize their mobile or web application by offering personalized printed photo products to users.

Billed as “the Internet’s print button” and aimed at photo sharing, editing and other image- rich apps, the PRYYNT button is designed to be seamlessly integrated and provides a fully managed, in-app shop front backed by PRYYNT’s high-tech global printing network that delivers personalized printed products and gifts worldwide.

PRYYNT founder James Washer said “Monetisation is the big challenge for many apps. With zero investment, they can now boost income by offering this photo printing service to users and sharing in the revenues generated. The global market for personalized printed products and gifting is over $10 billion and is growing at around 14% per year.”
PRYYNT keeps the user in-app, and close to the image source, making photo printing more convenient and accessible. This is a value-add, in-app user experience and an obvious solution for apps that don’t wish to bombard their users with 3rd party advertising.

PRYYNT’s advisory board includes some of the leading specialists in printing, design, image management software and private equity. PRYYNT was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur James Washer whose background in printing and software helped him to combine image management, workflow and printing technologies to create PRYYNT.

Based in London, PRYYNT successfully raised its first round of angel funding from private investors to build its business and is well positioned to access growth capital to scale rapidly.

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