Hell on Wheels season 4. We hope to see Elam Ferguson back! Vote now!

Hell on Wheels season 4. We hope to see Elam Ferguson back! Vote now!
Isabel del Rio

Hell on Wheels season 4 is about to begin. In fact yesterday, on Saturday August 2 2014, in anticipation of its 13-episode season, Zap2it had an exclusive feature highlighting actor Anson Mount (Cullen Bohannon). He analyzed the genre of the Western and his feelings about it: “You have to both embrace a genre and be very careful of it at the same time.”

Hell on Wheels season 4. We hope to see Elam Ferguson back! Vote now!

Elam Ferguson (Common) and Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount)

Fantastic! We have also seen teasers and photos of the cast. Everything is perfect! But what does it happen with Elam Ferguson (actor Common) in Hell on Wheels season 4?

We know Common name doesn’t appear in the credits and there isn’t mention of his future role in Hell on Wheels season 4 on twitter. But I’ve got a feeling that we’ll see Elam Ferguson to reappear somewhere during the next episodes.

The only clue (or hope) might be a tweet of Common:

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Hell on Wheels season 3 finale was really shocking. Elam Ferguson was potentially killed trying to save Cullen Bohannon.

What is going to happen with Elam? Remember that he is Cullen Bohannon alter-ego, remember that their friendship is a major dramatic point in the TV show because both friends represent the spirit of the First Transcontinental Railroad across the United States. The former owner of a slave plantation (Bohannon), and the former slave (Ferguson) building a new future and trying to forget the Civil War. And remember that Hell on Wheels is a TV show of well-studied film characters.

Hell on Wheels season 4. We hope to see Elam Ferguson back! Vote now!

Elam Ferguson (actor Common)

In my opinion, to forget Elam Ferguson in the woods while going to save his friend (married and trapped in the Mormon fort) is an error. It would be a disappointing end to this beloved character.

For months, we have lived his pride, bravery, his love for Eva, the loss of his daughter… I hope to see him back!

And you? How about you? Tell us your opinion.

Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you!

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  • Regina

    I only started watching the show because of Common so I probably wont continue to watch if they kill him off……..

  • Ken

    this show should be called “Cliches on Wheels.” With the usual predictability with this show I make the following predictions for Season 4. Cullen’s wife and newborn baby will die or be killed by the Norwegian psychopath, known as “The Swede.”

    • TheVirtualWriter

      Ken, I agree with you. And I like the title you’ve recommended. Who knew the old west could be so predictable.

      • Ken

        Season 4 has gotten worse. I turned it off in the episode where the man is hanged for shooting a card cheat who drew a knife on him.

        It gets worse, according to a synopsis I read. The new territorial government runs rough shod over the railroad and all local business. Are the writers on this series complete idiots, who were recruited from water front bars? In any event not only am I finished with this series, but I will boycott any other work these writers are associated with. I don’t blame the actors. They have to work with the script that they’re given.

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  • tohottie85

    I’m still and will still watch even if Common was killed off, the show is just that great! But I’ve got a feeling he’s coming back. He might have been picked up by some unlikely indian friends, cleaned up and will be coming back in the next few episodes. But the fact that he hasn’t tweeted about it, it will probably be a surprise return!

  • TheVirtualWriter

    I really hated the character Elam. I thought it was unreal and a distraction from the rest of the show. I think the failure of Common to portray the character realistically coupled with some cliche script on the part of the writes weakened the show and it made me celebrate the thought HoW without Elam. Being from Chicago, I have to root for the Bear.

  • TheVirtualWriter

    I just want to add, any actor who calls himself Common is unbearably pretentious and deserves to be eaten by a bear.

  • Lkhedz

    I absolutely love the show, the characters and the storyline! I think it’s great. Love the whole marriage twist; can’t wait to see what happens with the Swede, and I’m glad to see that Common might be back this coming week. I was pretty sure he’d be back b/c I think he would’ve been found dead by some cast member – so I really thought he’d be back and I’m glad to see he will. I’m interested to see what’s happened with him and how it’s affected him – not to mention how it’ll affect Eva (one of my favorite characters).

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