Space Travel. Men will reach Mars in 2030. NASA latest news!

Space Travel. Men will reach Mars in 2030. NASA latest news!
Ignacio Zara

Space travel and Mars. On July 20 1969, 45 years ago, everyone could see how the astronaut Neil Armstrong opened the hatch of the lunar module ‘Eagle’ and slowly descended the ladder before setting foot for the first time, on the surface of the moon.

Space Travel. Men will reach Mars in 2030. NASA latest news!

Space travel. Atmosphere of Mars, Galle crater, Mars, PD NASA

Today, America celebrates the 45th anniversary of the first man on the moon, a milestone that put the country at the forefront of space exploration and makes to dream about an upcoming “big leap” into the depths of the solar system.

Now, NASA faces an exciting menu ranging from more orbital missions to sending a manned mission to Mars by 2030. “International Space Station (ISS) is the centerpiece of our manned missions in low Earth orbit,” the former astronaut and current director of the U.S. space agency (NASA) Charles Bolden said. “NASA is designing and building all we need to send humans to explore the solar system with the goal of sending a crew to a captured and relocated asteroid in the next decade, and that humans reach Mars in the 2030s.”

Space Travel. Men will reach Mars in 2030. NASA latest news!

NASA Mars Rover

The ISS, whose construction and operation collaborate fifteen nations, maintains a permanent crew at a distance of 385 miles from Earth. The complex, with a cost of $ 100,000 million, orbits at a speed of about 27,000 kilometers per hour.

Definitely, great news. Space travel is the dream of many people!

Video: Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived.

The moon landing of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins was seen live on TV by 530 million people. How many will see the upcoming Mars landing? I would like to see it, and you? Would you like to make a space trip? Everything is possible in the coming years! When we are going to find extraterrestrial life?

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Enjoy your day, Yareah friends. Art is everywhere and up to you. Space travel rocks!

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