Global Warming and the End of the World. Earth Mysteries!

Global Warming and the End of the World. Earth Mysteries!
Ignacio Zara

Global Warming and the End of the World… An unusual hole has sparked scientific curiosity. It was discovered by helicopter a few days ago on the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic Siberian border.

Global Warming and the End of the World. Earth Mysteries!

The Hole of the End of the World. Yamal crater

The crater is in the middle of the tundra and has an oval of about 30 meters in diameter and 70 meters deep. It has a frozen lake in the bottom and water falling on its eroded walls of permafrost.

Andrey Plekhanov, senior researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research in the Arctic said to the Siberian Times: “We can assure that the crater appeared relatively recently, maybe a year or two ago; so it is a new crater, we are not talking about tens of years ago.”

In the local language, Yamal means ‘End of the World’. And everything it’s mysterious around this crater and people has started to be alarmed.

In Siberia, the last two summers were surprisingly warm, and maybe this could influence the formation of the crater.

Anyway, they need to keep on investigating to know if this mysterious crater might be related to global warming.

The most probable theory is that the crater was formed by internal forces, not external. Anna Kurchatova (Scientific Research Center of the Sub-Arctic) believes that the crater was formed by a mixture of water, salt and gas activated in an underground explosion as a result of global warming. Then, global warming has caused an alarming melting beneath the icy surface.

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Are we safe? Some voices are asking. Remember that Yamal is the main production area of Russian gas supplied to Europe. Could global warming cause more explosions?

Scientists are cautious until more data. “We have taken samples of soil and ice that went directly to the laboratories,” Andrey Plekhanov said.

Video: Giant crater appears at the ‘end of the world’ in SIBERIA.

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