Recipes for Summer 2014. Apple, Caesar, Salmon and mushroom salads

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Recipes for Summer 2014. Best Fast Salads. Easy to make!

1.- Apple salad with walnuts and cheese (4 servings).

214 Recipes for Summer 2014. Apple, Caesar, Salmon and mushroom salads

Apple salad with walnuts and blue cheese. Photo attribution Alpha on Flickr

Delicious salad to enjoy a fresh plate as well as tasty. Preparation time 30 minutes.


150 g of lettuce; 100 g of watercress; 2 appels; 60 g of walnuts; 100 g Roquefort cheese; 120 ml. Yogurt Sauce.


Peel and cut apples into wedges.

Arrange the shredded lettuce and watercress on the plate.

Add peeled apple, walnuts and small pieces of blue cheese.

Finish the recipe with yogurt sauce.

2.- Classic Caesar Salad (4 servings).

139 Recipes for Summer 2014. Apple, Caesar, Salmon and mushroom salads

Caesar salad. Photo attribution benedikt koehler on Flickr

This classic Caesar salad is loaded fast and easy to make. Preparation time 30 minutes.


250 g of lettuce; 150g chicken breasts; 4 slices of bread; 10 ml. of virgin olive oil; 100 ml. Caesar Salsa.


Toast the bread slices and cut them into small pieces.

Cut the lettuce. Saute the chicken breast with a little olive oil in a pan. Then, cut it into slices.

Finally mount the plate with lettuce leaves, bits of sauteed chicken and bread. Season with Caesar sauce.

3.- Salmon Salad (4 servings).

311 Recipes for Summer 2014. Apple, Caesar, Salmon and mushroom salads

Chef’s salad by Gabriel Li on Flickr.

Very healthy! Preparation time 20 minutes.


150 g of lettuce or another vegetable; 100 g of watercress; 1 red onion; 4 eggs cooked; 200 g of Salmon; 120 ml. Yogurt Sauce; Cherry tomatoes.


Prepare previously grilled salmon and cut into slices.

Cut the onion and cherry type tomatoes.

Arrange lettuce with watercress, onion, salmon and add chopped boiled eggs.

Season with yogurt sauce.

4.- Mushrooms and grapefruit salad (2 servings).

A salad in true Mediterranean style. Preparation time 30 minutes.


2 lettuce hearts; 100 g of mushrooms; Margarine 150g; 1 pink grapefruit; 1 tablespoon of mustard; 2 teaspoons green pepper; salt; liquid sweetener; 1 tablespoon of oil.

43 Recipes for Summer 2014. Apple, Caesar, Salmon and mushroom salads

Pink Grapefruit. Photo attribution Judy Baxter on Flickr


Clean lettuce hearts and mushrooms and cut into slices.

Peel the grapefruit removing its white part, finally cut to wedges.

Save the rest of the pulp to make juice.

Arrange the salad in a bowl. Prepare the juice adding mustard, salt, green pepper, sweetener and oil. Add to the salad and serve.


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