Phoebe Tonkin best role. The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, H2O… Vote now!

Phoebe Tonkin best role. The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, H2O… Vote now!
Isabel del Rio

What’s your favorite Phoebe Tonkin role? Vote now and tell us your opinion!

Phoebe Tonkin best role. The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, H2O… Vote now!

Phoebe Tonkin in The Originals

H2O: Just Add Water. Here, Phoebe Tonkin played the role as Cleo Sertori. H2O was an Australian TV program for children and teenagers created by Jonathan M. Shiff.

Cleo Sertori was a more than a teenager, she and her friends Rikki Chadwick and Emma Gilbert had supernatural powers, because they transformed into mermaids after an accident at the mysterious Mako Island. Great! Only two series were initially planned, but due to popular demand, a third and final series was filmed!! It ended on16 April 2010 (UK).

“I think I’m probably awkward and clumsy like Cleo is, but I’m definitely more confident. I’m not as girly either, but I am more outgoing than she is.”

The Vampire Diaries. Phoebe Tonkin plays as Hayley Marshall in The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off series The Originals. Hayley Marshall was first introduced in The Vampire Diaries as a Werewolf described as “gorgeous, but tough as nails and also very protective.”

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The Originals. Hayley Marshall is now the tritagonist Hybrid of The Originals. Hayley is the mother of the Pureblood hybrid, Hope Mikaelson, her daughter with the Original Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson. Absolutely amazing!

“Here she is on her first day in this world with a grandmother that is bent on sacrificing her and a mother who has to drink the blood of her own baby to survive transitioning into a hybrid, and I’m the one that loves her the most. I think the only thing to do is to send her away while we stay behind and clean up the mess that we’ve made.” Hayley Marshall.

The Secret Circle. She played the role as Faye Chamberlain in this supernatural teen drama. Faye is a sexy, eccentric and free-spirited Witch, Phoebe played superb but on May 11, 2012, The CW canceled the series due to the expensive cost of special effects. A shame! The show can now be seen on Netflix and on the Chiller channel.


Phoebe Tonkin in The Secret Circle

Tomorrow, When the War Began. This Australian drama film stars Caitlin Stasey as Ellie Linton and features an ensemble cast including Rachel Hurd-Wood, Lincoln Lewis and Phoebe Tonkin. The story follows Ellie Linton, one of eight teenagers waging a guerrilla war against an invading foreign power in their fictional hometown of Wirrawee.

Then, do you prefer Phoebe Tonkin in The Originals, H20, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle or Tomorrow, When the War Began. Why? Tell us your opinion.

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Isabel del Rio

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